Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sleep monster

My sweet Anna,
I must remember to thank you, one day, for the blessed way you are able to sleep. I lay you down. You grab your blanket or doll with one hand, your thumb goes in your mouth, you roll over, and you GO TO SLEEP. Just like that. Annie, you are seven months old now and this still takes my breath away, every time. I honestly had no idea that babies were capable of this! I do not deserve this miracle but oh did I ever plead with God, this time, to please give me the kind of baby that sleeps; and the Lord knows how many times I have breathed out a "thank-you" to Him to see you, unbelievably, asleep!

Because you see Anna, as you are lying there peacefully sleeping, on the other side of the wall is a shrieking, wide-awake sleep monster who comes out as the other child in the house is going to bed and steals her sleep and her parents' sleep and does it's best to destroy any moments' peace in the evening, twisting every last nerve in our weary bodies into frantic sparking sizzling shreds and leaving us, finally, twitching on the floor! This sleep monster has been haunting us nearly every night for, oh, about two and a half years now, and Anna, I don't know how you sleep through it some nights but I thank you.

Sleep Monster does appear to be moving out because we are finding, most nights now, with a few stories, a little soft music, the blanket, Ugly Doll Tray, pinkbear, sippy cup . . . HOLDING sippy cup . . . all a fortress around her, and the door closed . . . all the way . . . ALL THE WAY CLOSED!!!! . . . then maybe, just maybe Sleep Monster will avoid our house tonight.

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