Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Summer afternoon! Summer afternoon! The two most beautiful words in the English language." -Henry James

Today is one of those days that I think, "slow down, watch, savour this . . . this moment, right here . . . those little shining eyes, that sweet voice, the funny way she screws up her mouth, these precious hugs . . . " It's already going too fast. I want to put it all on pause, capture every amazing moment.
We went to the park today: Sami, Anna, Jim, my dad . . . Sami covered in ice cream, Anna in her big floppy hat, Jim so relaxed and everybody so happy . . . today everything is just right. Sure we don't have a job and Sami doesn't sleep at night and I've gotten up every ten seconds as I'm writing this to do something for Anna. But today, this moment, this hot summer afternoon, it's all so perfect. Everything is so right about right now.


Elizabeth said...

Don't you just love those days? So glad that your family has a chance to stop and relax. Anna's floppy hat and Sami's grin are too cute!

Anonymous said...

oh, jess...its all i can do to keep from "hugging my computer" to hug, this just makes me wanna cry cuz i cant call ya and say "hey, lets meet at the park"...and yet i feel ever so connected to your life once again...please dont ever shut down your site! i have a love/hate relationship with all your ohio pics...i love the familiarity and hate that i feel like i am stuck out in the god.forsaken.desert with no friends...i know, waa waa waa...sorry for my complainings...i know in my head that it is all good...i am choosing faith...i am just so sidetracked trying to find my heart and get it to follow my head...grrr...but, anyway, so glad you are here.on.blogspot...was great chatting with you yesterday, you guys so much!