Saturday, July 5, 2008

All- Wal-merican Weekend

So we're midway through Independence Day weekend and we've been celebrating Big, in the American way . . . So far we've already participated in the three official American pastimes: consuming gross amounts of food, cornhole, and Wal-Mart (or Warmut as it is refered to in our house). Independence Day included a family reunion, naps, a picnic and a small-town parade and something that to some could have resembled a Civil War reinactment. This morning, still championing that American Spirit, we emerged from Warmut with TWO brimming carts, containing bags of processed stuff that are packaged in more bags, and then wrapped in more itty-bitty bags so every freedom-loving American can have his and her individually wrapped snack, when they want it. We then paid for all of our individualized overly packaged stuff with our personal rewards credit card (freedom ain't cheap), took our 2.2 children and hauled it all home in our SUV to spend the day wading in our plastic swimming pool. I have never felt so American in all my life.

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