Saturday, July 26, 2008

Excellent Parenting Book!

I found a book, The Power of a Parent's Words by H.Norman Wright in a used bookstore a few years ago and picked it up, knowing that he's a great Christian counselor and having read a few of his books on other topics. (One good one: Encouraging the Man in Your Life). So I began reading this the other day and so far it is incredible! I keep stopping because there is so much to talk about with your spouse, and it's great because at the end of each (short) chapter are discussion questions and some ways to evaluate how you are doing as a parent in that particular issue. So far it has gone much deeper than just the surface of the words you use: childhood "roles" that we unknowingly were placed in as we grew up, such as: the doers, enablers, loners, stars, jokers, siants, Daddy's princess/Mommy's little man; what were our reasons for becoming parents: ego, compensation, conformity, affection; How to "empower" (I like that word) our children to maturity; Parental roles and Character goals; Identifying dysfunctional traits that you may be doing as a parent without even realizing it, as well as subtle forms of verbal/emotional abuse that we may not even know we are doing . . . and that is just the first three chapters!


Ruth said...

Hey Jess, I gave you an award. :-) Don't feel obligated to post the angel in the evening dress on your blog.

T J said...

(Came here from Ruth's award post).

Umm, what's the title? Did I overlook it somewhere??

Jessica said...

tj, thanks for noticing! I didn't realize that I'd left the book title out! It is The Power of a Parent's Words by H.Norman Wright.