Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mamma Mia

Today feels like it should be Boxing Day or Holiday Shopping Day or at least the Sabbath. Yesterday was my mom's birthday, well I think that yesterday was the actual day but that is irrelevant because really the last week of July is Birthday Week. But you already knew that, didn't you? Because my mother has managed to market her birthday so well that, not only do her family and friends remember, the grocery stores around here run specials in honor of it. Birthday Week is preceded by Birthday Month, in which hints are shamelessly dropped. The week before traditionally includes a phonecall from my dad asking what in the world should I get your mother for her birthday? Followed by three more from each of my brothers asking the same thing. Then, let the parties begin! We're sure to have a family party planned by Yours Truly, a Friends party thrown by her friends, and just in case someone happened to forget, two or three more parties planned by the Birthday Girl herself.

My mother's week-long birthday celebration concluded last night with a Girls Night Out with her friends for dinner and Mama Mia! I was fortunate to be invited along even though I 1. Don't remember Abba and 2. have never worn a pantsuit. Not that my mother is such an Abba fan because over coffee after she actually asked if "Abba" isn't a Christian band? Outloud. We decided she could be excused for that comment because those were her Mennonite days after all.

I love you dearly, Mom, for many reasons, not the least of which is the FUN you believe life should be! Thanks for that spirit of celebration that finds any occasion a good reason to have a party.


ryan s. said...

your mom cracks me up. i figured "dancing queen" would remove abba from any consideration in the christian music realm.

amazing though, just amazing.

Ruth said...

How hilarious. I love your mom's marketing of her birthday.