Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making it Home

Well today is the big day . . . truck is here, boxes are packed, we have the keys to our new apartment . . . and that sick feeling is there in my gut, the one I've been trying to ignore every night as I fall asleep. I've written before about how I am looking forward to a simpler life, of getting rid of a lot of our stuff and looking forward to the blessings of living in a small place . . . and the apartment we are moving to is fabulous-- brand new, and clean, and plenty big enough for our family . . . but that fear is there, that it won't be big enough for company, that our girls won't have places to play, that we'll feel like we're living in a closet . . .

So this morning as I was reading in Proverbs I landed on 14.1: Every wise woman buildeth her house . . . and it's all back in perspective for me again. I wish I had time to dive into some of the women the book of Proverbs describes, and their relationship to their home. But this one sums it up for me today. The truth is, there are huge, lavish homes without joy. And there are tiny impoverished homes with much joy. The difference has a lot to do with the woman of the home. It is a creative, daring, passionate call to "build" the house your husband and children call home.

This also has me thinking about some of the wise women I know and the creative ways they have chosen to "build" their homes, taking the circumstances life gives them, and adding to it their own wisdom, and joy, and laughter, and good things. But I'll have to save that for another day, when I'm not moving!


Becky said...

hey, jess! got your msg and comment...hope to catch ya soon...and thought about you and your big can a person feel so many strong emotions all in one day and over one situation?? wondering how work is going for jim and how you are settling in and how everyone is adjusting to new schedules, etc?? post pics of your new house. today we really missed you was one of those sundays when we woulda been like, hey, you guys have plans tonight?? lets get together and grill or just hang out at the park or whatevah. i am so missing all of my friends in philly have a good week

Becky said...

hey, jess...again! =) hows the big move coming along?? hope all is well! luv ya -becky