Friday, July 25, 2008

One more reason I love naptime

It is the only time all day when I can unashamedly and fearlessly consume chocolate without a little pipsqueak voice popping up:

I SMELL something! What do I smell Mommy? Do I smell CHOCOLATE Mommy?!?

And then I must choose one of three options:

1. Lie: "No, daughter, that is broccoli you smell. Mommy LOVES to have a broccoli treat in the middle of the (morning/afternoon/day/night).

2. Mean Mommy: Yes, daughter, I am eating chocolate and I am allowed to eat chocolate because I already survived puberty and High School gym class and eighteen months of morning sickness, and THAT entitles me to eat chocolate whenever I want! You, little girl, may eat broccoli.

3. Give-in like the big wimp that I am and spend the rest of the afternoon watching my daughter dance on the bed rather than taking that much-needed nap.

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