Friday, July 11, 2008

Our sweet girls, making the United States Military proud

Sleep Monster was back this week and this time he brought a friend for the other sister, so my week has been a hazy effort to survive. I haven't even attempted to blog because when you are this sleep deprived, the mind is the first thing to go . . . well actually the first thing to go is any form of affection with your spouse (because in the middle of the night, This Is All Your Fault), then goes your will to live, then it's the mind. Jim and I always remind ourselves that sleep deprivation is a form of torture . . . I'm pretty sure that if Dick Cheney ever met our girls, he would be like, wow, can I send some guys here for training?

So yesterday I took them to the pool all afternoon, and we drug them to the park until 9:00 last night, and this morning, they are still asleep! Glorious sleep!

We did miss Daddy terribly as we had gotten pretty attached to having him around for a whole month. It was a sad day when we had to say good-bye and not have him with us for ten long hours. I wonder if the change had something to do with the girls' inability to sleep all week.

Speaking of change, we are moving this weekend. We had been in the very spacious church parsonage and are now moving to a much smaller duplex. It is brand-new and very nice, but only two bedrooms so the biggest concern is how we're going to deal with two sleep monsters in one room . .. and praying that the neighbors work nights!

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Ruth said...

Much sympathy on your sleep deprivation. It really is a form of torture. I giggled at the thought of Dick Cheney sitting cross-legged on the floor with your daughters, receiving instruction on their methods of tormenting their parents...