Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The center of the home

Decorating our house is not a big issue for me. 99.9% of our furniture was given to us or found at a yard sale, and I prefer it that way. I love to treasure-hunt at yard sales in the summer. And, we have never been able to afford new furniture when there are just SO many good books to buy.

However. The one piece of furniture that I have always wished for, that has caused me coveteous thoughts and to lust over Pottery Barn catalogues, that I would sell half of Jim's books for? My own kitchen table. Brand-new, so that every dent and scratch and watermark will be our marks, worn-in by our own elbows and books and coffee cups. I dream of those scuff marks, of that history to be made over the course of days and seasons and years. I want it big enough for lots of company, but small enough for good conversations and long games of Rook. The center of our home. The place for spilled milk and two-more-bites and my all-too common new and failed recipe experiments. A place to spread out projects, for crayons and then homework, candles at dinner, big bowls of fruit in the summer, warm loaves of bread in the winter, Christmas cookies, Valentines, Birthday cakes. I can't wait for my children to grow-up around this table. The place for all those important family discussions: the first day of school and learning to be a good friend and sorting out disappointments and where you will go to college and why no, you may not work at The Gap. A place to drop the mail, find a recipe, to wait for dinner, to set, clear, and then do it all over again. It is where friends congregate, where relationships are repaired and where we say Grace. All of those daily, ordinary miracles that are just waiting to happen around a kitchen table.

And so, after saving up and thanks to an Andreas warehouse sale, this much-anticipated table is ours! I thought that I would share in pictures a few of the ways we are breaking in our fabulous new table!


heather of the EO said...

Discovered your blog via your comment on the T & T Livesay blog. I will be back to visit you and love the way you think. Nice to "meet" you.

elise said...

jess! congratulations on your table. this post made me squeel a little giggle of joy for you. i hope you are doing well these days! :) -mallory

Ruth said...

I wish you many years of joy at your kitchen table. This was a great post!

charrette said...

I, too, am a big fan of the kitchen table...traditions born, conversations, laughter, lots of good food, and hundreds of prayers. A gathering place.

Nice thoughts.

And your new table looks great.

deb said...

Just finding these ... and I of course love the tables of our lives.
You're children are blessed to have a mother like you.
Hope you're feeling well.