Friday, August 8, 2008

Esc Please!

NOTHING is working today! (To my dear third-world friends, you may want to quit reading right now because what I am about to complain about is positively obnoxious). I have HAD it with technology. Today, I am swearing off cell phones, cursing computers, and about to take a hammer to the little voice that keeps BLEEPing on the dashboard of my car. Really, whoever came up with that idea? That an incessant BLEEEEP BLEEEEEP BLEEEEEEP . . . pause just long enough so you think it's done . . . and then it begins again . . . was a good way to notify the driver that the tailgate MAY not be completely shut . . . so what am I supposed to do about it as I drive down the freeway, put the car in autopilot while I climb over the seat to fix it!?

I've had this weird alter-ego since I was a kid, after I read all the Little House on the Prairie books, that I was Laura Ingalls, and for some reason my twisted imagination frequently (still, at 30 years old!) wonders what She would think of life today, how freakish our URLs and WIDGETS and BLEEEEEEPS would appear to her, and how simple and nice her life on the prairie must have been, with the exception of all those cold winters and wolves and losing Jack of course. The truth is? I want to BE Laura Ingalls! I was born in the wrong era! I was never meant to deal with bleeps! I want to live in a log cabin that Pa built and sit around the fire at night with all my blogger friends having REAL conversations!!!!

Maybe I am a little tense today.


heather of the EO said...

There's a Sara Groves song about sitting around a campfire with all of her loved ones. I love that song.
I too am a freak of 2008. When I was about 18, I was in Chicago with my aunt. I stared up at all the buildings and said something about how it was never meant to be like this. She looked at me like I had a horn on my head. Now I live in the city and still feel like an alien half the time.
The internet is also overwhelming--all these memes and widgets and poking (facebook, I don't get it)....
anyhoo, I get you!

charrette said...

Hahaha! I wanted to be Laura Ingalls too.

And then I wanted to be Olivia Walton. Well, any Walton. Walk barefoot along a stream to school. Eat yummy homemade feasts every night, then listen to a radio show. Walk to Ike Godsey's. Say "good night, Mary Ellen" as the lights went out one by one. Stay up late and write in my journal the insights about what happened that day...

--Oh, yeah, I already do that HERE.