Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wise Women Wednesdays

Ever since I wrote this post when we were moving in July, I've thought that I'd really like to write about some of the wise women in my life, and some of the ways they have "built" their homes. The verse this is taken from is Prov. 14.1, "Every wise woman builds her house . . . " I have been blessed with so many wise women that I can choose from, so this won't be difficult. Some of these women I have known my entire life, some I have never met, but all of them have demonstrated godliness, wisdom, and the ability to enjoy life through it all. If they have blogs I will link them, so you can know them too!

So Wise Woman number one!

My sweet friend Becky, whose blog is Mama Drama, is a friend who comes to mind often lately, so I'll start with her. One reason that I think so much about her is the fact that we just moved our two girls and all our stuff into a two-bedroom apartment. Our new home is great. We love it, we really do, and as long as there isn't one thing out of place, no toys on the floor, no dishes on the counter, and the sun is shining, it doesn't feel cramped at all! This is why I think about Becky.

Becky moved away recently (far, far away why God, why??), but when she was here she and her husband and three girls lived in a shall we say quaint (tiny) two-bedroom house. Somehow, Becky was able to work her magic and make hers one of the most comfortable, welcoming homes I have ever been in! She and her husband have a gift for hospitality and they did not allow their small home and three girls to keep them from having big, spontaneous parties. All the time.

Becky also has a true gift for homemaking. She bakes her own bread every week, she gardens, cans, whips up made-from scratch meals and desserts without even thinking, did I mention she used to sew her own clothes? How many women in our generation even know how to do these things, nevertheless do them regularly, and all without acting like it's any big deal. I never felt judged for my Ragu pasta sauce when hers began in her garden and ended on her homemade pasta. And over it all is a grace and kindness that makes everyone around her feel welcomed, relaxed, at home.

So thanks to Becky, I do not think of our apartment as small or with limitations. I know that making a home is much more about the spirit of the home than it is square footage. And from her I have been reminded of the joys of keeping a home, the creativity that is required to make a house a home, and the simplicity of that magical combination of good friends and food.

If I could make a reward for the best blog of the person who doesn't have time to blog, it would be Becky's Mama Drama. Someday, Becky, you really need to share with the world some of your homemaking tricks. You are truly a wise woman, and you have "built" a wonderful home.


Becky said...

oh, jess, i think you glammed this up a bit but...thank are too sweet! and we truly loved having you all in our home...i miss that the most about moving so far away!! when we are bored sunday evenings i think about you all and our spur of the moment get togethers!!

charrette said...

What a wonderful idea to spotlight wise women! Your friend Becky reminds me of my grandmother. All their lives they lived in this tiny little duplex, but would throw the most lavish parties, and treated everyone who ever graced their doorstep like royalty! These are great examples in such a big-bigger-much-more culture.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Your description of Becky is so dead on. She is an amazing person and I'm so glad we met!

Not really sure what happened, but for the past couple of months I've thought that you quit blogging??? For some reason, my google reader didn't update any of your blogs past the end of July. Seems that you've been a busy blogger since then. :)

Wise Women Wednesdays... what a great idea!