Thursday, September 4, 2008

Politics from the diaper pail

I am the voter America should fear.  I know just enough about both sides to feel informed though I am not, I agree just enough with both parties to consider myself one of them, and disagree just enough with both parties not to.  I am pro-life, but think that means that I am pro-everyone's life including the unwed mother and her disadvantaged unborn child and I have no idea how you can be pro-life and pro-war.  I believe in socialized healthcare, but I also have a father whose small business cannot afford higher taxes.  I don't like what has happened under Bush's leadership, but I am the worst combination of mercy and naivete . . . I kinda feel sorry for him, and I like his wife.  

It gets worse.  

A week ago, I'd have said that I am undecided but really I thought that I'd vote for Obama.   My fluency on the issues or agendas came down to:  McCain, tired and old; Obama, fresh and new.  And I like his wife.

As early as last night, as I sit watching the RNC, I'm thinking, old old old.  Stuffy old rich mean guys.  

And then, the mom in me . . . yes, I fell hook line and sinker like an Alaskan salmon into the Republican party convention.  I am the game that a bunch of old rich mean men on an NRA hunting expedition were hoping for.  The trap?  A confidant, intelligent, well-spoken hockey mom with great hair.  I humbly admit that it has nothing to do with her policies.  I am all but clueless when it comes to her experience.  I have no basis for claiming that she is the right choice for Vice President.  I am, quite simply, a stay at home mom with a secret wish to be a mom who can still take on the world.  And have a great body and great hair.  It is a shallow and image-driven as that.

So I have to give it to the Republican party.  You knew there were tired, gullible moms like me out there who haven't had a haircut in six months, and that all we needed was  someone with a baby in a sling to sway us.  I like you, Sarah Palin.  I don't like much about your party, but I would LOVE to see someone with a breastpump in the White House.


Heather of the EO said...

I hear you! Same feelings here. Gutsy move by the Republicans, but maybe not stupid. Moms everywhere are cheering "Palin!" and how could we help it?

betsycq said...

"I would LOVE to see someone with a breastpump in the White House."
Me too. She appeals to the down to earthness in all of us. (Is earthness even a word?) I look at her and think "wow, if a soccer/pta mom can become vp, think of what i can do!"

Jessica said...

I look at her and think "wow, if a soccer/pta mom can become vp, think of what i can do!"

Exactly. All week last week I felt a certain new excitement about the possibilities for moms!

charrette said...

I'm totally with you on this. All of it.
Tired, old mean guys...and Sarah! Breathing new life into the republican party. Literally.