Saturday, October 11, 2008

My This Mom ROCKS Post

Sweet Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary has one of those blogs that every mother can relate to: honest, heartfelt, and just so funny. She came up with the beautiful idea for us mothers to take a break from our mommy guilt and write a post listing all of the things that we are doing well as a mother. I love this, because every night as I go to bed exhausted I wonder, if I'm this tired why do I still feel like a bad mom, and will the day ever come when I get to fall asleep thinking, this mom right here? This Mom Rocks.

So for just one itty bitty minute here, why I am, at times, a good mom:

I know that hugs are more effective than spankings and nothing heals a sad heart like being understood.

I am good at being flexible. Somedays we have playtime choretime naptime, other days we lay in the grass and enjoy the moment.

I try to cook healthy meals and Sami is a good eater, she doesn't refuse anything.

I make a big deal of experiencing God's creation . . . gardens, changing seasons, walking in the rain, sights, smells, tastes, textures.


Yesterday when Sami took my toast out of my hand she broke a piece off and gave it to me and said, "I'm sharing." So I guess that means I've taught her to share?

We love the library, get new books every week, and read read read!

I LOVE doing art projects with Sami and making a big creative mess.

I hope I am good at teaching my kids about healthy relationships . . . we try to model to them kindness, respect for others, forgiveness, the Golden Rule . . . and their lives are enriched by our relationships with our friends and family.

We like to go and do fun things. I try to do something fun with them every day.

Affirmation. This is something my husband is especially good at.

She is only three but I hope that I will continue to allow her to be herself, even if it means letting her wear her SPARKLE shoes EVERYWHERE WE GO.

I am trying to be good at holding onto my own person, my own dreams, continuing to grow and learn and dare, because I know that is the only way I can teach my girls confidence to be their own person and courage for following their own dreams.

I spend time in God's Word, and every day I beg Him for His wisdom and grace to make me the mom my girls need.

At least once every day I look at my girls and remember that I get to be their mom and it takes my breath away.

This is a great question for every mom! Please tell me, what are you doing really well (even if your children are grown, what did you do or what are you still doing well?) . . . or write your own post and link to it from Heather's blog!


Becky said...

you do ROCK, jess!! =)

Becky said...

At least once every day I look at my girls and remember that I get to be their mom and it takes my breath away.

That one's my fav!

Heather of the EO said...

Oh how I love your list! Thank you for doing this. I hope it made you recognize what a great mom you are. Not just sometimes, but all the time :)
I love the "takes my breath away" one too.

Ruth said...

I KNOW you are a great mom.

Ruth said...

OK, so I thought a lot about it and I can't come up with enough things for a whole post.

BUT I am great at reading to my kids. :-)

charrette said...

This is wonderful! YOU are wonderful! You're inspiring me to create my own list soon...

Betty said...

Thanks for taking this assignment, you and Heather are both inspiring mommies. There is a line from Pretty Woman "the bad stuff is easier to believe" and I think we fall into that trap as moms.
Great list, and yes, you do Rock!