Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary, a MacBook, and some things you should know about the King of Starch

It arrived on my birthday, delivered along with a really cool bag and a note that says, Write on, and why this represents a lot of things you should know about my husband . . . along with a few more:

Because if he's going to do it, he'll do it right.  After doing all the research, with all the extra add-on features, and never mentioning the chunk it took out of our savings.

Because he believes I have something to contribute, something to say even when I don't believe him am too busy too afraid indifferent.

Because he's a big fan of passion, of living a passionate life at any cost and nothing makes him angrier than apathy safety indifference.

Because he'd much rather me pursue my dreams than do the laundry and I know if given the choice and I choose laundry he'll be angry.

Because it was delivered to our new apartment to our new life after nine years of giving everything until there was nothing left to give.  Because that is what he does.  

Because there's no looking back only moving forward giving everything.

Because he is honest and strong and brave and comes home and is a pony or a prince and has tea parties.

Because we talk, really talk, and he really listens really wants to understand.

Because sometimes we fight hard with every bit of passion within us and then we sigh and chisel-out our words our understanding until we both are changed sharpened better even if it takes all night.

Because our passionate fights are fewer but our dreams keep getting bigger.

Because you never have to guess with him he is incapable of flattery half-truths faking it but totally capable of sincerity compassion making you feel like a million bucks.

Because every night he says this is so good even when we're having fish lentils squash all on the same night.

Because he always says I know you're the perfect one for me even when I'm grumpy frazzled not fun.

Because five years later I am better stronger happier because of him.


Minxy Mimi said...

What a beautiful testimony to your hubby! He sounds like the best kind of husband... he kind who loves and lives without conditions!

betsycq said...

sounds like you got a pretty ok guy there. happy anniversary.

Becoming Me said...

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful post and a wonderful blog you have here. Glad I found you.

Tim said...

Great post Jess...
welcome to the cult of Mac users, you will like it here
You guys are a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary!

charrette said...

Wonderful post! It sounds like your hubby and mine are twins separated at birth. I'm so excited for you to have a Mac -- you'll LOVE it! His buying that for you, encouraging your creativity, your writing, your passion...speaks volumes. So perfect!

Happy Anniversary!

*MARY* said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ruth said...


Happy anniversary!

Heather of the EO said...

Happy Number 5! Another great post here. (;
I love the frazzled grumpy part.

Shannon said...

Remembering long talks with you about our "mr. rights"... .and knowing that you have definitely found yours. Happy Anniversary! Love you both!

Betty said...

You have inspired me to examine how my husband make me, more me.
You are incredible at putting your love and emotion into words.
I think he's pretty lucky too. You guys are great!

Bridget De said...

Jess, I don't know anything about your hubby, but anyone who buys a Macbook is automatically good in my book! :)

malloryelise. said...

happy anniversary!
and congrats on the macbook!
do you love it or what?
when i got mine, i started wondering if this was what it is like to have a child. i protect it and care about it more than anything, which is almost sort of sad, yeah?

yeah. it kind of is.

i hope you are doing well! :) i love reading your blog and seeing your cute pictures.

Becky said...

ooohhh, jess! happy anni to you both...i know you are both very lucky to have each other! sweeeet fam pic! i could just hug you all! i miss you guys lots and have been wanting to talk again, but seems there is never enough time. we are thinking that maybe we will come to ohio this spring once it warms up a bit. we'd love to be able to come during the school year so that the girls can visit IHCS and all their friends there. talk to ya soon