Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This, is for my husband, who would appreciate it, if I would use more, commas

Dear, Husband, and Dad, Daddy, Jim,

We, your family, one wife, two daughters, would like to tell you, how much we miss you, when you are gone.  We each, find our own methods, for coping.  Oldest, enjoys painting.  Youngest, eating.  Wife, and mother, drinks too much coffee, because she just can't sleep, without you.

We also want to thank you, Daddy, for a wonderful, happy, happy, Birthday, weekend.  Thank-you, for the birthday dates, at Steak and Shake.  For taking your girls shopping, and out of the house, so Mom, could decorate.  And, when you came home, for not complaining, or even mentioning, well only once, that just maybe, Mom went a teeny bit, overboard, on birthdays, this year.  And, for even, appearing, delighted, when everything, in your home, turned peptobismal pink, and glittery.

We, your girls, love you dearly, and don't worry, at least half, of the pepto-pink, will be put away, when you get home.


Anonymous said...

jess, this is toooo doggone sweeet! i've been thinking about your girls' birthdays lately....and missing you guys...and remembering how my girls boldly invited themselves to sammi's bday right after we met you and jim....OMG! and how you were so sweet and invited us and made us feel so welcome even tho' i was bout mortified to death...and your mom and dad were so so nice and loving...it was a beautiful fall day...i miss you guys...give the girls bday hugs from us and tell jim hi...luv ya, becky

charrette said...

Hahaha! My ninth grade English teacher would kill you for this! :)

But a very sweet post, nonetheless.

(I like your funky, commaless prose myself.)

Heather of the EO said...

You're so funny. I love that you put lots of commas and I could still read it so easily.

I'm sorry your husband is gone! I hope he's back quickly.

Peace to you,

betsycq said...

i can't sleep either when chris is gone. he's going on a retreat for 4 days and i'm dreading it. jim sounds like an amazing dad and husband. that was a sweet letter.