Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I know this is true

I am tired of being so flaky.  I have been indecisive, uncertain, and afraid of offending people for too long . . . ok, for ever.  So, I'm working on a list of some things that I do believe.  I know there must be a few things that I don't question . . . here's the first that come to mind:

I believe in:

Beauty (that makes my heart adore Him)

the Bible

(end of the B's)

My daily, hourly need for forgiveness


The Cross

Mercy is always the right choice . . .well, usually . . . (there I go!)

That I have the sweetest, loveliest, most lovable little girls ever

the possibility of Peace

Wal-mart isn't the savings place (I always buy more when I go there)

It is possible to live on one income (for us, but of course not always)

Art can save lives

There are miracles everywhere

The grace you give to the world returns to you


That it's impossible for me to blog when my kids are awake

I'm going to keep thinking on this . . . more to come


Ruth said...

Hey Jess,

Great post.

Do you know why your new posts don't show up on my blogroll? It says that it's been three months since you updated. Is the problem on your side or mine, do you think?

Heather of the EO said...

About what Ruth said,
Yeah, there is a problem with something. When it's on the side of a blog it says months ago (for the last time it was updated) maybe you changed your address so we need to change our link?

Anyway, another post I love from you. I am careful way too much too. And I also like to shout "Babywise is NOT Baby wise!!!" :)

Anita said...

Hi! Random comment from random stranger.
Just found your blog off Mary's (who I technically don't know either, but whose blog I love)... And thought I'd let you know I love and agree with your whole list. Well, except for the Baby-wise part. It works for some babies.
Anyway. From one indecisive person to another, cheers for making lists like this public! :) :)

Betty said...

Great Post. I agree about the Baby Wise thing, I think we need to be wise mommas who at times may just have to leave the room while a little one cries himself to sleep and not worry that a 2 month old baby will feel abandoned. Aye!