". . . if she had just said she was a lesbian."

The story of a Baptist pastor's wife who voted for Obama

Christine is a pastor's wife who has not only dug-into her Bible to understand how to believe, but has a lifestyle to match.  (Crazy, I know).  Her blog is worth subscribing to- it never fails to intelligently convict and inspire me.

(My own opinion coming soon . . . if my big three year old ever decides to nap again . . . ).


Christine said…
Ya' know, you picked EXACTLY the quote I would have chosen if I were linking to myself.

You're cool. You get me.
I think it's really really weird that we read the same blogs without linking to them through each other. I mean, there are around a billion after all...


I loved this post too. Obviously.
FANTASTIC linkage. Thanks, mama!

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