Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fresh Air Interview with Frank Schaeffer

Did you happen to catch this interview with Frank Schaeffer on Fresh Air today?


The header is about his position on abortion, but that's really not the main point, or most important part of the interview.  I think I even missed that part, so it must have been the first fifteen minutes . . . the rest of the interview he talked about his book, Crazy For God; How I grew up as one of the elect, helped found the Religious Right, and lived to take it all (or almost all) of it back.

(Frank Schaeffer is the son of late Francis Schaeffer; minister, writer, philosopher).

I know not many of us have an extra 39 minutes of free time . . . but this is the best interview I have heard on Fresh Air, and one of the most thought-provoking concerning the Church, that I have heard in a long time.

If you listened, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm hoping to scout Blog-land tomorrow to catch what people are saying about it, and I'll try to post what I find.



peterkevinson said...

Just read a book called "The Great Emergence" by Phylis Tickle and after reading this post thought you might like it. It tries to put what is going on now in the church in America in it's historical context and tries to tell us where we are heading. It's only about 150 pages, but it's good thought provoking stuff even if I'm not sure how I feel about where we might be going.

ryan s. said...

i usually listen to fresh air's podcast the day after it airs live (if i have time) so i just caught this today.

pretty interesting stuff. it seems like she's been having on alot of ex-religious right, repenting republican types lately, hasn't she? i thought overall this was pretty good. i probably need to give it another listen to be able to give it a thorough review. but i definitely related to a lot of what he said.

what did you think?

Jessica said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Kevin. I will check that one out.

Ryan, I don't get to listen to Fresh Air regularly enough but now that you mention it, this does seem to be a theme. I guess it's fascinating for people like me who can relate, but maybe it's somewhat gloating, I don't know . . . I'll try to answer what I thought in my next post.

Betty said...

I just watched him on DL Hughley(one CNN junkie to another) and wasn't familiar with him and remembered this post you wrote..I am going to get his book! Fascinating. Have you read it? I'll let you know what I think.