Tuesday, February 3, 2009

8 Random Things

My friend Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary tagged me to write 8 random things about myself . . .  I loved reading my friend's 25 random things on facebook!  I think that people are fascinating.  Especially in the little ways, quirky things that people sheepishly reveal just for fun.  Reading lists from old college roommates and lifelong friends was like reliving some of those endearing, wonderful traits that I'd forgotten but that were so much a part of who they are.  I think that every person has a story and that there is something to admire or learn from or have compassion on in everybody.  I guess that is why I love blogs.  And books.  And looking in people's windows at night (just kidding!  just kidding!).

1.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was in the third grade.  There is still much that I don't know, and the longer I walk with Him the more I realize how High are His Thoughts above mine.  But I do know that ever since that day I have experience His presence and love in my life, that He is faithful and true, that I only find real peace or joy or meaning to life in Him.  And the more I learn the more sure I am that His way is really the best way to live.

2.  I am never in style.  Unfortunately I usually don't realize that I am out of style, and generally don't care enough to worry too much about it.  I wear a grey hoodie almost every day.  And I don't know what to do with my hair.  I probably should cut it now that I'm past 30.  I really should be straightening it but I don't.  It's almost always in a ponytail.

3.  There is never enough time for all of the things I wish I could do.  

4.  I don't make decisions well.  I feel guilty a lot.  I am distracted easily.  I like to be organized but I rebel against structure and routine.

5.  I really want to live a meaningful life.  I think about this constantly. 

6.  According to my husband, logic is optional for me.  My Myers-Briggs confirms this.

7.  I don't consider myself very smart but I am attracted to smart people . . . or should I say wise.  There's a difference.  I love to have conversations with people who challenge me and make me think.  I also love creative people who inspire me, and I am fortunate to have had some very wise and creative people in my life. 

8.  I love a good conversation.  I hate to talk on the phone.

8.  Mean people and religious people scare me.  Why are they so often the same?

9.  I think that beans are the perfect food.  Inexpensive, nutritious, adaptable . . . I lived in Haiti where I ate rice and beans every day, and am sure that I could happily live on rice and beans . . . and they are the source of the next two perfect foods:  coffee and chocolate!

10.  Precision and details frustrate me.  I took a knitting class once and I had to purl 36 and I was like, 36?  You mean exactly 36?  I never learned to knit.

11.  I love to read books that challenge me.  Someone said once that if a book doesn't stretch you, if there isn't something in it that you disagree with or have to wrestle with, then it isn't a book that you should read and I totally agree with this.  I never want to read another _______ (certain Women's Christian Book author) as long as I live.

12.  My dishwasher is still broken.

Well there you go, I guess that's twelve.  But I see that I have two eights.  Oops.  I will now tag the following people:

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Heather of the EO said...

I'm kind of freaked out right now because every single thing resonates with me. I didn't live in Haiti, but I could eat rice and beans every day, which makes me think of chocolate and coffee.

All the others though? The exact same right down to why I don't knit. I love it! :)

Oh wait. I forgot. My dishwasher does work. Sorry.

Joe said...

However will I know which Women's Christian Book author to avoid?

malloryelise. said...

You're very interesting, Jess! I love that you made two 8's. And my next blogly mission is to post 8 random things. After 25 random things, these 8 have to be the the bee's knees.

pleiades said...

love your #2. i was just thinking today if i should wear a different shirt...it's day 3 for my grey hoodie.
like you #7 too. i always found conversations with Jim (back when he hung out with chris and i a couple times) challenging and interesting. you married a great guy to fill that need.
i tried knitting too...no thanks.
i would love to incorporate beans into our meals more. what all do you do with them? any good recipes?