Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the midst of a dark, cold season, there has been a lot to celebrate lately.

Beginning with my true, life-long friend Jenny's completion of her PhD. of Philosophy in Biological Sciences. She's that smart. And she still hangs out with me. I don't get it either.

The celebration of new life; first the birth of my sweet friend Katy's baby girl, and then my brother and sister-in-law Holly's new baby boy.

And interspersed between all of these, have been simple cozy days marked by miracles so quiet we could almost miss them . . . .

AnnaJoy, repeating our words and tones, learning to sing, unveiling new colors of her personality.

Sami, opening new doors and creeping into the corridors of her imagination, quietly absorbed with the joy she finds there.

Books that leave me breathless.

Finding myself with brush in hand and fresh paint on a canvas.

Our small home filled with friends, warm with good food and even better conversation.

Quiet hours on chilly grey days, collaborating on a pot of soup or loaves of bread.

A sleepy hug from dreaming child.

A peak of sun. A warmer day.

Sunday dinner with joyful, growing family.

Art in a salad spinner.

Sending warm and glittery bits of pink over cold zip codes and mucky roads, in dirty trucks, just to say I LOVE YOU.


Heather of the EO said...

I hope one day all of your posts are in a book. Maybe it will be a book of posts sorted by topic. Or maybe it will just be bits and pieces pulled together from different posts with more words pulling it all together. You're amazing.

Do I need to say I love this post?

Heidi Ashworth said...

Hi--this is lovely! I found you via Charrette's blog . ..

charrette said...

Beautiful. As always.
I like Heather's book idea. A lot.

charrette said...

p.s. I love the headers in your sidebar (blogroll dividers). You are so cool!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Beautiful and I so agree with Heather