Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

I have been trying to get a post up for the past two weeks . . . I have the beginnings of posts everywhere. Here it is Friday, this is just what I need:

1. That little business I mentioned a while ago that I was working on? It's here. Someday I'll write about my friend and our idea . . . .

2. I had big plans for Lent this year but haven't followed through. My quiet times have been sporadic at best, thanks mostly to a little girl kicking me in the back all night long, and waking as soon as I dare creep from the covers. Everything seems to fall apart when I don't start the day with Him. Things have been falling apart. Maybe I should say that I fall apart.

3. Ironically, the greatest lesson I am learning during Lent this year: fun. You know you are lacking in fun when it comes in the form of a lesson, and you know you are overly guilt-ridden when it comes during Lent. I didn't realize it, but fun has not been a part of my vocabulary lately. Unless it is related to preschool fun, it's not on my to-do list and generally doesn't seem to get done. My lesson on fun (and friends) is the topic of my next post.

4. I am reading He Leadeth Me, as recommended on Conversion Diary, and loving it.

5. The world cares more about computers than children. My computer was sick . . . at 5 we scheduled an appointment for 6 on a Saturday night. A Genius examined my macbook, said they could take care of it in house, and I went shopping. Forty-five minutes later they called to tell me it was ready, I got a pat on the back and you-don't-have-to-pay-a- dime, and left with my healthy computer.

Contrast: my child was sick. We went to the doctor (my usual Doc whom I love wasn't in, so this was a nurse practitioner . . . long story blah blah blah . . . ), sent home with a hundred dollars of prescriptions, and had to pay two bills because she looked in the ears of my other (healthy) daughter . . . I am almost positive that Annie just had a cold. (Our insurance has changed to a $4,000 deductible, and we were just in the ER. Ouch). . . . so I realized that I needed to get Annie's next set of immunizations, and that I should take her to the Health Department because it's sooooo much cheaper. I called to request to have her records sent (because we live 30 miles away), and they told me they couldn't send them to me because they wouldn't pay for a STAMP! I don't remember complaining to anybody on the phone ever. I complained. We will miss our doctor, but next time my kid is sick I'm taking her to Apple.

6. On the way to Michigan last weekend with my brother, we listened to David Sedaris at Carnegie Hall and I laughed till I cried. 

7. Coby played music the rest of the trip, my favorite was Jason Anderson. It's like listening to Bruce Springsteen but you' both eighteen and playing music in his parents' basement.

Quick takes Friday is hosted at Conversion Diary.

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Heather of the EO said...

Well, you did have FUN with David Sedaris, that's GOOD.

Sorry about the lame doctor thing.