Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Preach the Gospel to Yourself

Of course this question caught my attention, it is the one I ask myself all day long:
"How does the mom with young kids make the best use of her time when she doesn't feel she has any time?"
The answer wasn't what I had expected.  Or, to be honest, what I thought I was looking for: (part 1) preach the gospel to yourself.

The gospel?  
Yes.  Preach the gospel to yourself.
hmmmm . . .

I consider how consumed I am, mind racing, all day long, thinking and thinking and thinking of many things but not often- I confess- the gospel.  

How upside-down this is!  Meaningless! are the things that occupy my every waking moment, it all lacks sense or purpose without this still point: the gospel.  The only thing that gives purpose to anything.

Preach it to myself . . .
Me, who needs preaching to the most.
Me, greatest in need of the Gospel.
Preach it for repentance. 
Preach it for hope.

What else is there?  
But the Gospel.  

And I open my eyes and the gospel is everywhere!

in the mess
the morning
my coffee cup
green from mud
budding bark
fingerprinted window panes
bathtub rings
night lights
the glass the wine
this chair I'm on
music released from black and white page
freshly painted wall
love-worn ugly doll
slave's garment blanketing child

Seeing, hearing, touching, believing again the Glorious Gospel and preaching it to myself.  Join me in discovering the Gospel all around this week.


charrette said...

You are such an excellent example of this.

I had a similar epiphany a year or two ago reading a verse of scripture, and felt this particular portion of this particular verse jumped out at me in answer to my prayer asking how best to spend my meager spare time and feel fulfilled:

"...thy time shall be given to writing, and to learning much."

In other words, preach the gospel to myself. (And occasionally on my blog.) :)

Love you!

charrette said...

Sorry about the forever run-on sentence :)

Heather of the EO said...

How do you keep thinking this way? Oh yeah, you're preaching the gospel to yourself.

You're an inspiration to me, and so many.

Love it.

Betty said...

I love how your mind works and how you express it. I'm still trying to understand it all so I'm going to read it a couple of more times.
I just finished my post for tonite and hopped over here to see yours. I had a little laugh when I saw "the fingerprinted window". Our posts are very different in content but we both mentioned fingerprinted windows.....I haven't seen the gospel there.haha