Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Few Stay-At-Home-Mommy-Moments

Some moments lately that only Stay At Home Moms get to experience:

We were invited to speak at a Very Important Meeting, with Very Important People attending . . . which creates the Very Big Problem of WHAT TO WEAR??  The beach t-shirt and faded shorts that I usually wear won't work . . . my one good pair of jeans won't work . . . what about the dress I picked up on clearance at Target?  No, my husband was right, it really does look like a choir robe . . . after digging through my closet I finally emerged all pulled together and dressed for suc-cess!  Tasteful pants and top, both picked-up at a Goodwill thrift shop somewhere, and a cute red purse that I'd grabbed for 25 cents at a garage sale last year.  Classy?  Ohhhh yeah.  

Another rare occasion, I happened to be going somewhere alone, and decided that the giant canvas diaper bag number I take everywhere was a bit excessive, so I decided to transfer some items to a smaller purse.  Dumping out the contents of my big bag I found:  
one Eric Carle board book 
a plastic lobster 
a plastic gecko 
one lost sheep left out of the Christmas Nativity box  
a pink stuffed poodle
a tupperware bowl with stale goldfish
three cell phones:  one plastic, one finally dead after much abuse by little people, one recently and painfully purchased.
a green tractor
a mess of coupons
two shoes
diapers, wipes, lipgloss

 . . . you know, just the essentials.

Have I told about the time I was doing some SERIOUS couponing at CVS with the girls, and before I knew it Sami had tipped the cart over with Annie IN it!?  It's hard to appear in control while lifting a cart off of your toddler.

Today, I took the girls to our Amish bulk food store.  I go here to shop for things wholesome AND thrifty, like dried fruit and oat bran pretzels, so I can feel like a good mom, the kind of mom who is conscientious, and  who knows about things, important things, and a cool mom, the has-it-all-under-control-mom, whose well-behaved children wait patiently while she reads box labels and searches for flaxseed- kind of mom . . . the problem is, this particular store also has little shopping carts for kids.  And now that Annie is all-opinionated already, she feels entitled to push one too.  And the store is small.  The aisles are tight.  And by the time we left it was lunchtime at the factory next door, and quickly became very crowded.  We couldn't move, because we were each pushing a cart, and my well-behaved children don't listen to me and were both going in opposite directions, while I got glares from every side.  Then, my well-behaved children ran away while I was checking out, and I became blocked-in by a cart behind me.  More glares.  I could not get them and our all-natural groceries out the door fast enough.  

 . . . They both fell asleep in the car, so I could head straight to McDonald's for a really-really-bad-for-me-but-much-deserved iced coffee.

 Then, there are moments like this:
Sure, being a stay-at-home mom isn't glamorous, often humbling, never boring.  You know what?  I wouldn't change a thing.


LMShunk said...

:-) LOVE their galoshes!

Heather of the EO said...

So true. And we've done the cart tipping thing's not humiliating AT ALL. Oh the joys.

And then Oh the real joys. I wouldn't change it either.

charrette said...

I love your post. Reminds of the days I used to wear white t-shirts and khakis every single day so the spit-up wouldn't show up.

And the time my daughter fell out of the Costco...with so many helpful, nosy people looking on and commenting...

(please don't ever ask to see the contents of my purse...even NOW.)

And how I STILL can't get enough of all the puddle-jumping and other real joys of childhood.

Elizabeth said...

Those pics of your girls are still oh-so-cute... I can see why you wouldn't change it for anything. Even if that means you never go back to the bulk food store. :)

Anonymous said...

jess, you nailed it smack dab on the head...i just read another mom's blog about her shopping trip with her seven's called REAL life and we are committed to it at all costs...what about that deserves all the stares and loaded comments?? sometimes i feel that if i hear one more time that i have my hands full, i will strangle whoever says it. ya think?? i prob know that better and more fully than anyone out there!! ha. and seriously did it ever occur to them that instead of enjoying my free circus, could they strike up a conversation with the wee little monsters so that i can just pay and get the heck outa there? one man even asked me what i did to GOd to deserve "this" (4 girls). ok. so i am hormonal and pregnant. i will back off now. :) maybe. after i go blog about it. maybe. :) luv ya girl, and you are a great mother!

Kazzy said...

Love to jump in puddles and loved being home with my little guys. Time flies...

Ruth said...

:-) Great post!

Lisa said...

Hi Jessica, love meeting fellow Ohio bloggers! Your girls are so adorable. Love the Cummings and Picasso quotes in the sidebar.

Lisa :)