Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Invitation to the Perfect Saturday

Wait for a warm and sunny late-autumn day, and find your way to Amish Country.

Wear something pink and sparkly, because it makes my girls very happy.

We'll start the day at Der Dutchman.  I recommend the breakfast buffet, even if you're not pregnant.

We'll go the the Farm at Walnut Creek.  It is beautiful there.

We'll take a wagon ride . . . or, in the winter, a sleigh ride!

We'll linger with with llamas . . .

 Jest with giraffes . . .
Visit an Amish home and Dottie house . . . don't you just love the word Dottie house?  Doesn't it make you want one?  

Smell the fresh bread . . .

Drool over the canning cellar.  
Think that all is right with the world.

Play on the playground, dig in the dirt until you get crabby.

Stop at Walnut Creek Cheese on the way home, for just a little bit of everything.

Come to the Stocks' for dinner . . . I'll make you this carrot cake!

We'll watch the Buckeye beat Iowa . . . or maybe we'll fall asleep on the couch reading Real Simple.

End a perfect autumn day!


at the end of the alphabet said...

What time for the carrot cake? :) Sounds like the perfect day...I'm glad for you guys. Let's hang out soon :)

Jo@Mylestones said...

Sounds like a delightful day.
Even if the Buckeyes had us wondering for a bit there at the end of the game. :-)

Ruth said...

What is a Dottie house and why don't I want one?

Jessica said...

Ruth, it's a house for the in-laws, I assume the man's parents, attached to the house. I suppose there may be someone who would like this idea?