Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mommy Needs Girl Time

I happen to be sitting in a McDonald's where a giant flat screen is blaring a certain cable news channel, and it made me want to turn around and leave.  It's not only this particular cable news channel that irritates me, but nearly all cable news . . . I cannot watch cable news without feeling like I'm being manipulated into panic and terror and suspicion and hatred . . . none of which seem very Christlike or spirit-controlled.  I love, love, National Public Radio and Public Television.  It seems more balanced, in-depth and less reactionary than the cable stations.  And there is always something interesting to learn or think about.  And we don't have cable anyway!

I got to get away this past weekend and it was fabulous.  A girls' weekend away with no kids, and the fun part was that my two girlfriends are pregnant, too, so I didn't have to feel fat.  We invited our mothers to come along, and we shopped, ate, talked without being interrupted . .. did I mention there were no kids?  I love my children dearly, but some time away does a Mama good!  I came back feeling like I'd retrieved some parts of myself that tend to slip away in the dailiness of motherhood.

It became really clear to me again how much women need connection with other women.  We need time to talk, and we need to be able to talk about things other than our kids and life within the four walls of our homes.  When I had my first baby my mom told me, now is the time in your life when you will need your friends more than ever.  I think every day how true.

The other thing the weekend reminded me was of who I was, and still am, before I became a mom.  Without realizing it, I can tend to become so consumed with my kids and our routines, that I let myself go- my appearance, my intellect, my interest in the things I used to do before children.  I think it's really important that our children see us engaged with the world . . . challenging ourselves . . . trying new things . . . maintaining some interests that don't involve them.  For our own sake, and also for the sake of our children.  That is the kind of woman I hope my girls will become, so I had better be modeling it.

Nikole, one friend from the weekend, just had her baby yesterday and I got to go hold him and drool all over him this afternoon!!

Well, if this seemed random and superficial forgive me . .. Glenn Beck is about to send me over the edge.

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Shannon said...

ha! Do you remember hours of watching our only news choice in Haiti? :)

Love your post and you are so right... I think that's why I'm online so much. it's my "mom community"

Speaking of... there's a little one tugging my sleeve...
love you!