Sunday, November 1, 2009


This has become the favorite dramatice phrase of Annie lately. When she's looking for a toy, she says Oh Me Gosh! When she realizes it's time for dinner, it's Oh Me Gosh! When she's lost her little duck . . . the one she cannot sleep or breathe without . . . Oh Me Gosh! Spoken with all of the surprised voice inflection and drama of a two year old that you can imagine.

So when my husband read my post yesterday, and clicked on the I don't like Christians link and said that it could possibly be inferred that I don't like Summer, my reaction was the same as Annie's!

Please be clear- it is the form of Christianity that has been represented to Summer that makes me angry! I can completely understand Summer's negative reaction, because I have had the same reaction at times, as I have seen up-close the kind of arrogance and rude behavior among Christians that she is referring to. I am ashamed to admit that I have been a part of it, and I am sure that it is still rooted in me, as I continue to dig up ugly things I find inmyself.

And when I linked to Greg Boyd's Painted Idolatry, I HOPE that it is clear that I am not angry at Greg Boyd, but the ethnocentricity of the kind of "Christianity" represented by the painting that he is referring to.

Whew! I hope I've cleared that up . . . I would hate to think that I gave the opposite impression.

Thinking about Summer's post today, I realized that this is the very thing that has caused me to question my own faith at times. It is hard for me to understand why the "closer" people try to walk with God (i.e., the more time they spend reading their Bible, doing church-things, etc.), the more they can often become just like the people she describes.

So I'm asking myself, why do I still believe? I know that I love God, but what hope is there for His church? And into my mind come examples of people . . . many people . . . who I have known in my life who are the exact opposite of these kinds of people . . . merciful, humble, wise people who love God AND their neighbor and left an impression on me of authentic, vibrant Christianity. These are the people, though imperfect, who continue to give me hope for the church. I'd like to blog about some of these people this week.

(By the way, this is Day Four of my attempt to blog every day for a week. Oh Me Gosh!)


charrette said...

There will always be those from within who try our faith. But it's the wise, humble, merciful and caring souls who leave a bigger impression. Who restore that faith.

I hope you will blog about some of those people this week.

Summer said...

I know it's been my experience, the closer one is to god the further they get from man. A friend pointed me last week to a new church being built in her area, it cost a few million dollars she said. All that money to be spent building a building to be closer to god, could have been spent feeding the poor - helping man.

We have a mega-church near my town and i gag every time I see it. The poor and the hungry and the lesser don't need flat screen projection TVs and gold plated offering plates. They need compassion.

(Thanks for reading and link to me. :)