This is a video everyone should watch . . . I snagged it from my friend Ruth's blog.

I only lived in Haiti for less than two years . . . not long enough to say that I did much of anything . . . but Haiti lives with me every day.  I remind myself all the time that I do not need or deserve for life to be this easy.  I still feel guilty when I flush the toilet, knowing that the clean water in our commodes is something that most of the world must travel a great distance to find. Honestly, every time I turn on the dishwasher or do the laundry, a little part of me says, This is amazing.  Do not forget to be amazed.


LMShunk said…
Yeah, me too Jess.

Me too.
deb said…
Do not Forget to be Amazed.

I love that .
deb said…
Thank you for sharing this. Uniquely presented.
We take so much for granted.
Ruth said…
Glad you liked it!

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