Friday, December 18, 2009

A little of what's been happening around here

Christmas . . . I didn't go crazy this year, with anything.  This year it's just the basics; a little baking,  a few presents,  some lights on the tree.  I am really, really enjoying the season this year.  I did manage to get the girls dressed in their Christmas dresses one day and my friend Summer took their pictures.  They turned out great.  (The dresses I bought after Christmas last year for EIGHT dollars!!  I've been excited all year for the girls to wear them, but, mostly to get to tell about the great deal I got!)

Here we are making sugar cookies . . . like the reindeer antlers?  She wears them everywhere.  Love it! 

I'm running low on energy this Christmas and high on trouble. My happy-go-lucky Anna Joy has recently become a tough one- whiny, irritable, wanting to be held every minute that she isn't finding something to destroy. Yesterday she took a hammer, a pen, and a fork to the walls, all in the morning, and then boycotted her nap during the time that I MOST desperately needed her to sleep, so I could meet a deadline AND get the house and dinner ready for my father-in-law's birthday dinner.  But then she wore a ridiculous scarf and hat around all day and it's hard to be mad when she's so darn funny.   Trying to remember, when she acts like this, that there is a reason and I need to try to set aside what I think needs done and give her a little extra TLC.   (She how sweet she is in this picture?  She's actually plotting how she'll grab the camera from me and throw it across the room).

I have been waiting for the day that my girls will discover  dress-up clothes!  
Little by little, since Sami was born, I've been collecting dress-up clothes: old prom and bridesmaid dresses that people were getting rid of, crazy hats and shoes, my old cheerleading outfits and waitressing aprons . . . I put it all together in a cedar chest that my grandpa made, with a full-length mirror next to it, in their basement playroom. For Christmas I've collected a few more dresses, and, the thing Sam will love the most, Amish dresses!

Finally hit my third trimester!  Every morning Sami looks at me and exclaims how BIG!  REALLY REALLY BIG!! I am.  Lovely. 

I am so so happy to be feeling so well, but my hormones this time are making me crazy!  Today someone beeped at me in the parking lot, and in the store I turned to him and said, Hey, what did I do wrong!?  (In the kindest, most Christlike way, or course!)  I have never done something like that before . . . he's lucky I didn't burst into tears!  (I don't know how my husband puts up with me).

We rented Julie and Julia last night- LOVE it- it's about my two favorite things, cooking and blogging!   

Other good things- my brother Joe is home, friends coming this weekend, and it's finally snowing!  Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

jess, you are too cute and funny and ooooh I MIIIISSSSS YOOOUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *consider yourself hugged* :) girls are getting so big and adorable and i love that stage!! and my hormones are outa control too! believe me or ask matt. all i can think of is ornery things to do and say. :) seriously. my sarcastic nature has hit an all time high. and i just want to play tricks on people that are kinda mean *in a funny way*...haha. love you guys and hope you continue enjoying your holidays!

Heather of the EO said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!!

You look GREAT, I think! Not BIG BIG BIG :) Just right! :)

(I LOVED Julie and Julia too)

LMShunk said...

oh Jess, you make me smile!!

merry Christmas. :-)