Saturday, December 12, 2009

optimists and dreamers

I like optimists.

I like people who dream things, people who see visions, people who follow stars.

I like people who turn grief into gift, people who pray with hands and feet and wallets and cool cups of water

I like miracle-workers. 

People like this are ageless.  You meet them and their energy spills onto you.  And then life goes on, but they remain in your mind always just as they were.   And if ever you meet again, after everything has changed you find, nothing has changed.  They are still dreaming and doing impossible things and watching the sky.

And so, when some such friends are in need of a miracle of their own, and another such friend sees a vision of making a miracle happen, I want to be a part.

James and Kelly are in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia, you can read about their journey here.  They experienced a disappointment recently related to the tremendous amount of money that they need to bring their son home.  But really it wasn't a setback, but only an opportunity for the people who love them to participate in making a miracle happen for them.

The dream is for 200 people to give $100 dollars, to raise the $20,000 needed by Christmas!  (Yes, that is now less than two weeks away).   This may seem impossible if you don't know James and Kelly.  But if your path has crossed with theirs, and you remember the grace and peace that trails after them, the amazing amount of people their lives touch, you will believe that this is not only possible, but quite certainly a miracle about to happen.

And so, if you have been blessed to have known James and Kelly and would like to offer a gift; or, if you have not known them, but are yourself an extravagant, believing star-follower, please consider donating, $100, or $5, or $10, or whatever you may have to give.  Simply contact me (jessica ellen stock at hotmail dot com)  and I will send you the address to mail your check to.  A great bundle of checks will be presented to them on Christmas morning!  Can you imagine the thrill!  Please mail your gift quickly so it can reach them by then! 

Grace and peace, wonder and joy to you this Christmas!


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