Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh, Haiti . . .

There is nothing, really, to be said.  

Only to pray, sometimes with words, often only with groaning.  I cannot bear to watch the news any longer, but I cannot look away.  I try to imagine what can possibly happen, where the healing can even begin . . . there was so much despair already.  So few basic resources like water or sanitation.  Now- I just can't imagine.

I am so so proud of my friends and former colleagues at Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince who are working tirelessly- endlessly- to relieve suffering and help with the rescue effort since the earthquake on Tuesday.  I have been glued to facebook and their brave, heartbreaking status updates.  I was tempted to post a few of the most notable, but thinking of their privacy, reconsidered.  As far as I know, all of the staff survived the quake, and the school facilities are miraculously intact, all of which are being vitally used in many many ways.

When I first learned of the earthquake I had no doubt that these brave people would begin immediately to do anything they were physically capable of . . . and yes, by the time internet connection was established they were already hosting the homeless, orphans, organizing a medical clinic . . . After the first quake hit, the people at the school learned of the Caribbean Market collapse, ran up the hill and were able to pull 38 people out of the rubble.  The school is currently being used as a temporary hospital/surgery room and trauma center among other things . . . even a command post for the US Army.

Steve, the director of the school, is one of the people who I respect most in the world.  He is a wise, compassionate person.  I learned so much from him and his wife when I lived there, and he would be the first person I would want to be in charge in a crisis.  The staff who I still know are some of the most authentic Christ-followers I have met.  I know that the school is in kind, prayerful hands, and have no doubt that significant work has and will continue to be done there as this crisis continues.  

The school has set-up a paypal account for the relief effort, and if you have at all considered donating money, this is the first organization I would recommend.  They are a small organization doing some of the earliest relief work in the country, without any kind of budget or preparations for a crisis such as this. is the paypal account, or visit their website to learn more.

I will also be posting links to some of the people I love, and ongoing relief efforts in Haiti on my sidebar.

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I gave to them. Because I trust you.