Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Steady Mom . . . thoughts on blogging

I found a new favorite mom blog this week!  I finally hopped over to Steady Mom, after reading so many great reviews of her book, Steady Days, last week.  

But her Thoughts on Blogging is by far my favorite . . . (she writes)
On the other hand, the content of some popular blogs concerns me a little. Like recounting last night's reality tv episode, or fashion posts on which boots to buy this season. Are these really the topics that hard-working moms like us are interested in?

I fully believe that a big part of being a mother is inspiring our children. How can we do that unless we are inspired ourselves?

We need depth, passion, purpose, greatness. . . .

And since my goal is to live with intention, I can't focus my blog on the unimportant.

- I can't do it, because I know too much. . . . 

I once heard a speaker say that ever since she fully understood the depth of the orphan crisis, she wasn't much fun at dinner parties anymore. She no longer had time for trivial chitchat - she wanted to talk about suffering, about sacrifice, about hope for change.

That's exactly how I feel - an urgency to do something.
To not waste time. We can't do everything, but each and every one of us can do something in our world to make it better.

We can change someone's life in some small way. And by our actions we can inspire our children to do something even greater.

Or we can teach them which boots to look for this season.
I hope I didn't break too many blog rules by copying such a big section of her post . . . really, don't stop here.  Go read her full post!


Givans Family said...

I really liked what she was saying. I have recently started blogging and have felt that what I blog about needs to be if I can only organize my brain.

Heather of the EO said...

Wow and Amen!

charrette said...

My philosophy exactly. Depth, passion purpose...should be our blogging mantra.