Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Takes

It's Friday! 
 I used to complain that weekends are just like every other day when you're a mom, but I've finally found a way to reclaim Fridays as my favorite day of the week, and enjoy my weekends . . . I have a writing deadline that's due on Fridays.  I get up early to finish it, and then I clean my house, finish the laundry, make food if I have time . . . Everything.  Friday is the day that I don't do anything but work, and don't feel guilty telling my kids to  Go. Play.  It's nothing revolutionary, but by nap time my house is clean, deadline met, and I get to celebrate by blogging, or whatever I want to do, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Speaking of writing . . .
I've been googling "baby brain" and "brain cell loss during pregnancy."  I can't seem to find a definitive prognosis, but I am convinced that I'm losing it . . . really.  It takes me forever to write my column, I struggle to remember words, I can hardly put sentences together.  Please tell me this is just hormonal and will soon pass?  
Or, it could be related to the no-sleeping/baby-fussing/sister-squabbling/dryer-buzzing/phone-ringing/demand-feeding/question-answering/disaster-preventing cleaning/never-getting-a-moment-of-quiet state that I'm in?
It's okay.  
I'm still loving every minute.

I may have baby brain, but I'm also still enjoying my baby-high.  Having a baby always seems to bring me back to life.  I get this nice little surge in energy (which comes in handy for the lack of sleep), and I just feel really content and happy and creative.  It almost makes up for being only half-alive for nine months . . . or at least helps me to forget all of the times I said I would Never. Do. This. Again. 

This is my day:  Sister one is talking talking talking, 
while sister two is spilling something, laying on top of the baby, or walking into traffic  
and sister three is nursing, fussing, or needing changed.  
The scenery changes, but the characters only repeat their parts
over and over and over and over and . . .

This is why, if you have tried to call me in the past month I've likely not answered my phone.  I am truly sorry.  I love my friends, but I am just incapable of multi-tasking one. more. thing.  Especially when it requires balancing something the size of a used-up bar of soap between my ear and shoulder, and having a coherent conversation while feeding baby, cleaning up a mess, and answering questions. 
(Though it has been done).
I did get to talk to my friend Jenny the other night, with everybody asleep and me rocking baby . . . but I had to call her the next day to apologize for falling asleep during our conversation!  She said she's used to it- when we had sleepovers growing up I always fell asleep while she was talking!

I really enjoy not needing so much sleep . . . I could relate to this: "Life is too short to sleep through . . ." 
I wish I could always feel this way.

I'm in the mood to do some house projects, and I LOVE everything about Heidi's house at Mt.Hope Chronicles.

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Heather said...

I love how these strung together. And I related so much, even without a new baby! The way you string words together is always inspiring, no matter what kind of post, and I love that.