Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Takes

I know I have written about this before . . . my mixed feelings about living in my hometown . . . it hits me every once in a while and this week I was dwelling on it again (among all of the other things I was feeling bad about) . . .  thinking about raising our kids and sending them to the same schools I went to makes me queasy for various reasons. . . I do love being near family and I have such great friends here, but I always thought my life would be different . . . this week in blog-world somewhere I read, embrace the life you didn't expect . . . so true . . .  today my mother-in-law is here with the girls and I ran some errands . . . the bank, the post office, our friendly little library . . . my favorite little roadside market is open and I bought a bunch of cilantro and some asparagus for dinner . . . stopped on the way home for a bottle of our favorite local wine . . . it is a beautiful day, sunny and near eighty and everything is so green . . . we're going to grill pizza on the deck tonight . . . Life is good . . . Small is okay (for now?) . . . Simple is just right.

We moved to this house in September and I was sick , then it was Christmas and then I was just barely functioning for about three months until I had baby Josie in March.  So suddenly I am determined to GET SOMETHING DONE IN THIS HOUSE.  We had these huge heavy drapes that just needed to GO, and the house had been painted before we moved in but the color of our room turned out peachy-pinky-vomity-beige and I couldn't stand it one more day.  Finally this week we re-painted the bedroom, hung some curtains, etc . . . this weekend I'm hoping to get some more of those little irritating things fixed . . . wow, even with another child, do I ever get more accomplished when I am not pregnant! 
This is a great post:  
(filed under "Things I Must Remember to Teach My Girls")

I loved this series of posts:
I have been trying to reclaim my mornings but baby Josie seems to like to be awake when I am awake.

I am trying to slow down and love more.  I am naturally shy and it is hard for me to reach out to people but I'm realizing that shy can really be just selfish . .. my mom is one of those people who makes friends with every check-out girl at Wal-Mart, and I wish I could be more like that.  So I am trying . . . to notice the beauty and dignity and God-image in each individual . .. working on slowing down and talking to people more . . .  to smile more . .. respect people more . . . encounter Christ more.

My brother Coby's band, State Bird, came out with a new ep , and here's a review of it .

Anybody who knows me must be SO TIRED of hearing me talk about this . . . I am tired of hearing myself talk about it . . . but my friend sent me this link today and rather than ranting I'll just post it:
And, I will simply say that I love to hold my baby . . . you can't hold a baby too much . . . I hold mine all day long if I can help it . . . that sleeping with my baby feels like the most natural thing in the world . . . that my life would have been soooo much simpler when I had my first baby if I hadn't felt such guilt over such a dumb thing for people to make arbitrary rules about and call it "Biblical" when really it is completely American . . . not that there is anything wrong with it if that works for you but just don't call it Biblical . . . if you need a chapter and verse try Psalm 131:2 (notice the word weaned)
okay, I'll stop . . . going to go hold my baby now.

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Young Mom said...

I hear you on #2, I got pregnant the moment we moved (or so it seemed) and between being nauseous emotional and then huge it took me the ENTIRE pregnancy to unpack! Even with 3 aged 3 and under I get more done.
And I 100% totally agree with #7! Even when I was on the corporal punishment bandwagon I could never bring myself to let my baby cry it out. That just cannot be healthy for the poor baby, and I can't imagine Jesus being like "just let the kid cry, you have to get your rest."

Heather said...

So good to catch up with you.

I'm so with you on the small town/home town thing. I'm there right now, and have no idea what in the world we're doing here. So, I try hard to "embrace the life I didn't expect." We just never know what may happen next :)

LMShunk said...

You make me think.

And laugh. :-)

Becca said...

Love to read your thoughts. I'm glad that I found your little hometown (and surrounding areas) as a place to raise my own children. Did you like the Roadhouse Red? What's your favorite? I like RR and the berries.

Rae said...

"people to make arbitrary rules about and call it "Biblical" when really it is completely American" Amen and amen! It is a shame how quickly we can slap the term "biblical" onto something which is really just our own idea that we think everyone else needs to follow.