Wednesday, May 19, 2010

some fresh links

I've removed my blogroll but I'm hoping to get one back up again sometime.  I read too many great blogs (it is what I do while nursing or bouncing the baby) and this list wasn't doing it justice . .. until then thought I'd link to a few of my current favorites . . .

A creative mint  .. . I'm not sure how I happened to find this, but I found the link scribbled in a notebook and revisited it . . . I am just breathless over these photographs!  How can a pair of blue scissors make me so. very. happy?

I have been enjoying Across the Page , which I found from Ruth's blog , also one of my favorites.  Janet writes a lot about faith and books, a good combination.

My recent infatuation with city living has led me to these humorous city-mom blogs:  Hollywood Housewife and Motherhood in NYC .

This is my brother Joe's friend, Barak at 50 year plan.  He's hilarious.

And these are the oldies but goodies, the blogs I always read first when they arrive in my reader:
Maya Made 
Simple Mom
Small notebook

Hopefully I'll link to more soon, but the baby's awake and the day begins!

Have a great day!  Chuck the to-do list and go paint something . . . (this is my goal for another rainy day today,  I'll let you know if it actually happens).

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laura @ hollywood housewife said...

Thanks for the link love! I like hearing from people who have been reading. Especially when they're reading while nursing. Because I blog while feeding my baby, so it fits.