Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick Takes: Love

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Is anyone else absolutely ecstatic that summer has arrived!?  
We've been tending our garden, planting flowers, eating funky vegetables . .. 
love, love, love it!
I am working on our own  Summer List which I will post soon!

You know what else I love?  I love this girl . ..

I love her little head in my neck and I love her milk breath and I love nursing her under a beach towel and both of us sweaty and warm and happy.  
I love the way she puts her little fists to her face and I just know she did that in the womb and I love that she is so full of smiles and the way she lights up when I talk to her, and how she coos all the time like she's really telling me something and I try to listen really hard because I'm pretty sure she's letting me in on those secrets that only babies remember.

And I love this girl . . .

because she drives me crazy with her temper and her stubborn and when she walks into a room every cup spills itself . .. and I love her for the way she stomps and the faces she makes when she's angry and then the three hour naps she takes and when she wakes up she says I was mad at you but now I'm happy, and I say I know how you feel Annie.  And every morning when I ask her if she wants breakfast she says NO, CHOCOLATE! I say I know how you feel and I love that she must experience everything by tasting it and pouring it and sitting in it and I tell myself it's her creative and me too and try to suffer it gladly.

And I love this girl . . .

and her funky style and her sweet.  I love how responsible she is and the way she loves to help, and I love her smart and her giant vocabulary and her giant need for affection.  I love how eager she is, the way she runs everywhere because she's so excited about living.


And I love this guy who studied like crazy the past year for his P.E. exam, and we just found out last night that he PASSED! (even after being out of the profession for ten years, and was so sure he wouldn't) and he's now a Professional Engineer with a stamp and the initials and a swagger
(though he didn't believe the email and had to call to be sure because he's so darn optimistic).


And I love my fun friends, and dropping everything to go swimming, (because summer is too short to keep your house clean), and being spontaneous, and sleeping in the sun.
And I love weekends away, and crazy thunderstorms and waking up really early and staying up too late when Seth and Sally are in town.  


And I love that life is warm and juicy and good even when it's a little bit cold around the edges; so green and lovely even when I am a little bit blue; that I can be happy and falling down with gratitude, even if a little bit hurts sometimes and I don't know why.


Betty Beguiles said...

You're a girl after my own heart! Summers and babies in cute swimsuits and thunderstorms and swimming and spontaneity? Yes, please!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Young Mom said...

Aww, your babies are adorable! And I am so excited about summer finally being here! I hope that it is not as short as last years.

Anonymous said...

jess, this is absolutely beautiful!! and you are just gorgeous inside and out!! here's a *hug* for you! luv.