Friday, June 11, 2010

quick takes

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I took the girls this week with our friends Anna and Izaak to the McKinley Museum and Science Center.   I was really impressed with it, very interactive and great for even very young kids, and so close to home!  There is a great planetarium, with daily shows which we didn't realize until too late are for kids five and older . .. so we drug all of the kids in and then it got dark and quiet and Annie kept asking why it's so dark, and Sam wanted to know when it would be over, and their voices did very little to drown out the sound of Josie breastfeeding in the silence . . . nice.  (Now I can add Planetarium to the list of places where I've fed a baby).  I don't think anyone in the crowd minded that we left before the show was over.

My brother Coby is moving to L.A. to live with my other brother Joe for a while.  We're all sad to see Coby leave . . .  he's everybody's favorite sibling, probably because he's the baby of the family, but also because he's just good, and not so loud or opinionated as the rest of us . . .  everyone should have a friend or brother around like Coby . . . kind, subtle, artsy, easy-going, and willing to help you move fifty times.

This week we tried this steak salad but I added blue cheese, with the fresh citrus vinaigrette as recommended by one of the reviewers.  It was a great summertime meal.

I ran out of face soap and haven't been wanting to pay for the expensive stuff I usually use (I really like Origins ).  So after reading Megan's review of washing with oil,  I tried it and have been using olive oil to wash my face at night for about two weeks.  I actually really like it, it feels thick and a little gross going on, but washes off fine and feels great after.  I like that it's a natural product but so much cheaper than the face wash I'd been using.

I've been reading Last Child in the Woods.  There is so much good to say about it, but it really deserves it's own post.  I am making a very conscious effort to keep everybody outside this summer as much as possible.

Book 15 this year was The Unaccustomed Earth , a collection of stories by Jhumpa Lahiri.   I read it for the bookclub I am a part of, but didn't get to attend this month and missed the discussion.   I did really enjoy the short stories, on the theme of Bengali families in America and the various challenges and gaps between parents and children, and within marriages.

I read these two articles this week on technology overload:  Your Brain on Computers and The Risks of Parenting While Plugged-In.   

Maybe I am feeling guilty, because this seems to be a theme for me this week.  I do try to not be on the computer when the kids are awake, but feeling like I need to limit my time even more . . . and when I do have time I need to have specific goals or I can just waste so much time clicking from one thing to the next . .. there are so many great things to learn on the internet, but it scares me what all of this technology is doing to our brains and relationships, and how addictive it is. . . . It's 8:00, kids are awake, and I'm turning my computer off now . . . happy Friday, it's going to be a another beautiful day here today!


Heather of the EO said...

I don't know if I can read the technology articles. I get...scared. hmmmm....

Also. Washing with oil...I'm totally intrigued.

Becca said...

Ditto to number 5. And Olive oil, huh? Good idea! Number 7 is just a painful reminder of what I already know, ugh. Good to see you a wee bit today!