Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Rules of Summer

I love the idea of creating a Summer List .  Here's the one hanging on our refrigerator:

  • Declare a ban against shoes
  • Tend our garden
  • Make salsa and jam and stack it on shelves in protest to winter
  • Have a summer solstice party
  • Fix groovy backyard suppers
  • Observe nature, collect rocks and bugs and leaves, set-up a nature table where we can identify them.
  • Wear sundresses and paint our toenails bright pink, because it makes my girls very happy
  • Add stargazing to the bedtime routine
  • Watch fireworks, play corn hole and eat potato salad
  • Have picnics 
  • Swim our hearts out
  • Marathon play dates
  • Keep our beach bag beside the door
  • Eat popsicles like they're going out of style 
  • Host a Barefoot Backyard BBQ with friends
  • Wear-out our zoo/museum pass 
  • grow something wild and unruly
  • Visit old friends
  • Attend a few free movies at the Regal 
  • Sit on the deck.  Just sit.
  • Read.  A lot.
  • Sangria
  • Take the kids to a drive-in movie
  • Wake up too early and stay up too late, because summer will go by too fast and I don't want to miss a thing

1 comment:

charrette said...

The heat positively WILTS me! Thank you for reminding me that there's so much to LOVE when summer comes!