Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Wild Things Go Shopping

The night that we ran out of coffee cream and needed groceries of one kind 
and another,
I called the three, “LET’S GO!”
and the middle one said “I’LL EAT YOU UP!”
but I took them to the store without hearing anything.
That very night the two year old threw a fit that grew
and grew-
and grew until she threw herself on the floor beneath the bananas, 
as the entire store was watching all around
and I tumbled by with the baby in my arms and a cart full of groceries,
and we walked off through the produce and the dairy
and in and out of aisles and almost over the entire store
while the wild thing just sat there.
And then we paid for our groceries and came back to the place where the wild thing was, and she roared her terrible roars and gnashed her terrible teeth and I rolled my terrible eyes and she showed us her  terrible claws and I said “BE STILL!”
and tried the trick of staring into her eyes without blinking once (while gritting my teeth so she would know how serious I was) but she wasn’t even frightened and the little amish girls in the store hid behind their mothers and called her the most wild thing of all.
“And now,” I said, “We're going to the car!” and walked with the other two out of the store
but  Annie the king of all wild things wouldn’t budge.
And the oldest of the wild things was lonely and said she wasn’t leaving without her sister!
Then all around from far away across the parking lot her cries could still be heard, for she wouldn’t come out of the store.
And we all cried, “Oh Annie please let’s go-”
And she said, “No!”
And I wanted to roar my terrible roars and gnash my terrible teeth
but instead I put the baby in her carseat and said "I’ll be right back",
and walked back inside and down the produce aisle
and through all of the people staring
and picked the wild thing up and carried her to the car

and she was still shouting.

(from Where The Wild Things Are )


Fijufic said...

Fun stuff...Mine has all grown up....

Young Mom said...

O goodness, what a trip! Such a cute way to write about it too. :) And I agree, sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Becca said...

You reaaalllly need to write a book. That was clever, entertaining and something I could really relate to! Thanks!

Betty said...

Wow Jess. You are such a good mommy!!
I remember those days and wanting to sit beside my child and cry as well! As always I love your writing! Very Creative!

Ruth said...

So great. I have soooo been there.