Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Crazies Continue (and why it's oh, so crazy-good)

. . . the growth spurts, the growing-up
. . . the molars, the fevers, the itching, the falling
. . . the nightmares, the old-familiar no sleeping
. . . the what-in-the-world-kind-of-phase-is-THIS?
. . . the emotions.  Oh! the Emotions!

And sometimes I handle it brilliantly . . . whatever "it" is . . . and I am composed and calm and efficient and I correct and hug and I tell them Good for you! and I tell myself, Good for you!

And sometimes,
at three in the morning
after many. . . many nights of three in the morning . . . sometimes I do not handle things so brilliantly . . . and after they finally fall back to sleep (at five!) I am awake and guilty and hubs and I are talking what-to-do . . . and I am reading websites and every other mother is more peaceful more in-control knows better than me and I am feeling bad and telling God what a terrible mother I am . . .

and He calls me forgiven, and when they wake up I say forgive me, and they don't blink they have already forgotten, and God sends a friend to say Me Too Me Too Us Too . . . and I sigh and Thank-You and today, ToDay! they are crazy-good and life is crazy-wonderful and we go to bed Early!  Early I tell you!  and they wake up again but Oh well, I bring them into bed and hug them tighter; the crazy won't last forever but while it's here we may as well have fun . . .

A few of my favorite crazies lately. . .

An reading a book to Josie . . . you really must hear her crazy version of the story!

Even after four months these two crazy sisters simply will not leave baby Josie alone!  She is patted, played with, and drug around all day long . . . and she seems to like it.

The crazy-awesome swingset Daddy, P.E. built!  There are piles of formulas and calculations all over our garage . . . the entire cast of Biggest Loser could safely swing on this swingset!

Oh how I CRAZY-LOVE when she just goes limp and sleeps on me like this!

There is nothing better than a little girl with a jar of markers!
. . . except maybe a man who can color while drinking the Champagne of Beers :)

Crazy little purple carrots from our garden

a crazy game of hide-n-seek
"gettin' found"

Maybe we could comb this girl's crazy hair if only her sisters wouldn't keep losing her comb!

Life is crazy-girly, crazy-bright, crazy-fun right now, 
and I am tired and I love it.


Fijufic said...

What a lovely post. You are rich beyond my wildest imagination.

Friends, Faily, Faith and Health are the cornerstones of a fulfilled life.

This is the best post I have read in a long time. Thank you!!!


Young Mom said...

A lovely post! I've had one of those 3 in the morning moments recently myself! Oh and I LOVE how cute and chubby your girls are! So so cute. :)

Becca said...

That's a lot of pink. :-)