Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today While Nursing at the Keyboard

So many good things I am reading today while NAKing  (Nursing At the Keyboard, according to my friend Ruth- more about her great post below.)

I am loving the past few days at Flowerdust 

Show Me How to Die:

We love stories of restoration. We love being unfettered and passionately full of life.
But before freedom comes oppression; before redemption comes loss. We want to be rescued from our pain, but often prematurely.
Do we know how to die? Are we willing to?
Do we know how to fall soberly on our face and stay in the painful, the most incomplete place where we empty ourselves until we admit our own desires, our own comfort, our own abilities are useless?
and I especially loved her post today, The Story of Now 

Let’s also begin sharing The Story of Now.
Let’s share the brokenness that is happening in our lives at this very given moment — The places we aren’t sure how God will heal, if he will heal them. The places that frighten us. The places that we think will make a great story in the future…but we don’t want to talk about them in the present tense.      
This is so true!  Why are we comfortable telling the story of where we have been, but so afraid of admitting where we are struggling today?

Anne's Merton Mondays have been great as well.

This is so good: How To Get More Followers (and be a little bit great)  at Holy Experience 

And I really enjoyed Ruth's post, IRL , about the way that the internet brought her together with women she was unlikely to meet IRL (In Real Life), the community that they formed as new mothers to encourage, pray for, and offer advice, and how these relationships have endured to this day.  

I love that I get to be a Stay At Home Mom in the age of blogs and podcasts and facebook friends.

Oh, and I want to be this family: Crafton Family Enjoys Rare Closeness After Seven Years Together At Sea. (who doesn't?)

I would love to discuss with anyone what you think about the Anne Rice comment ?  I try discussing these things with my kids but the debate can only go so far, you know? (smile).

Jon Acuff always has some good thoughts. 

This week my brother Joe is home!!  Joe is truly the funniest person I know, it is so much fun to have him around!


Ruth said...

This made a lot of sense to me on the Anne Rice thing.

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you liked the post. I've made some real friends online.

Jessica said...

Ruth, that's a great link. Thanks!

anne jackson said...

Thanks for the kind words and link backs...it's been a week to collect my thoughts. I'm glad they are resonating outside of my head as well.


Fijufic said...

I am a spritual fellow and have found there are good people and bad people no matter what walk of life. We all find our own path.

I seek out journals that talk about family, love and life. These are fabulous.


granny said...

thought you would like to read this

Jessica said...

Good stuff. Thanks!

Sally said...

I enjoyed 'The Story of Now' post. I guess it's easier, at least for me, to talk about things I've gone through because I know the ending. When I'm in the middle of stuff, there's so much uncertainty and it feels like I'm not going to make it. You know?

I'm glad you get to spend some time with Joe. Now Jordan's fb update makes sense ;)

Meg Martin said...

awesome post. i have a hard time sharing about the hard things i'm going through right now.. but recently i started to again and things are getting a little clearer when i open myself up. my brother is spending two weeks with us right now as well and i'm loving it!