Friday, September 24, 2010

Take Me Back to Florida

Florida was so good for us.  It was a good time as a family, good to be away and functioning just us, nowhere else to go.  Strange how seldom that happens.   I could become an evangelist for vacations, for getting away.  I need the space to think, to gain a new perspective, to step out of the routine long enough to notice where I am and to ask myself whether it is the place I want to be.

Every family needs a vacation.  In my humble opinion: cancel your cable, sell the dog, do anything you possibly can find to do short of going into debt to disconnect, get away as a family.  Pitch a tent, swap your house, rent a cabin.  It really doesn't matter where, only that you are away.  (Stay-at-home vacations don't work, you're still too distracted with the ordinary- we have tried plenty of those).  Rest, think, read, laugh, eat well, e-x-h-a-l-e . . . get your soul back.

I came home feeling healthier and more balanced, and before I begin the next Stieg Larson book life becomes too busy or I forget, I wanted to record here a few of the things that made vacation so magical, how I am attempting to keep a little of that magic in my pocket . . . unfortunately, I lost the moment. You know how it is, there is this certain urgency with blogging, with all writing, that needs to be captured before it fades . . . sorta like manna or something spiritual like that . . . like my friend Becky said so well, 
"One reason I blog is because of the way that it feels so good to me when I have written a piece for the day….brings ownership to the day and the moment.  It’s captured.  Recorded." 

So I guess I missed the vacation-blog moment, but here are a few highlights:

I LOVE being in-transit.  Love it.  It is addictive. 

No schedule.

Eating healthy.

Realizing on the last day that we'd never bothered to set the clocks.

Packing our favorite summertime clothes but then only wearing our bathing suits and the same t-shirt all week.

Being so worn-out from swimming and playing, coming home for long late-afternoon naps and heading back to the beach for the evening.

No internet.

A great book.
One night Jim was gone with a friend and we had ourselves a {girls night}.  The girls still want to wear only dresses of any kind (I am still hoping this is a phase), and there is a fabulous thrift store near the home where we stay where I always go to stock-up on skirts and dresses for them.  I found several super-cute little dresses, washed them up, and we had bubble baths, fancy shampoo, dresses, a chick flick and popcorn.  Such a fun night!

(I found a great H&M sweater dress, a corduroy skirt, and a trench coat at the same thrift shop!)

Completely forgetting what day it is, what season it is at home.

My independent Annie who never wants to cuddle woke up from her nap one day, came out to the living room, crawled onto my lap and fell asleep.  This may have been the highlight of our trip for me.

There were many more but these are some of the best things about vacation.  If only I could capture that laid-back, bare-footing, free-spirit and bring it home . . . no fighting, no whining, everyone so happy . . . Oh, well.  And now I might be just the teeniest bit grumpy thinking about the change ahead and all of the work that needs to be done before we can get there.  Take me back to Florida.

Two good links:
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And Ruth's post, Broken Shoes reminded me of how quick I am to think I need something new rather than fixing what I've got.


Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed this post. For a lot of reasons. I love Florida. (sigh) And the beach. And early mornings and afternoon naps. And I agree... vacations are a must. A healthy must. I also agree with Becky's blogging thoughts. :)

Anonymous said...

aw. you girls are too sweet. i think we are long overdue for a vaca!!! jess, wondering HOW its going with the are so lucky to be moving to the city! :) catch me up when you need a break from packing. :)

at the end of the alphabet said...

i love this, your vacation sounds wonderful. love the pic of your girls as well- so cute!! call me when you need a break...i could bundle the girls up and take them to run their energy out :)