Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a good way to spend a life

Yesterday was this girl's fifth birthday, I can't believe I have a five year old and to celebrate we put on our new pink cowgirl boots and horse shirt and went to the farm to ride horses.

The day was just right.  There were plenty of animals to feed and puppies to hold, and a bakery with giant cookies to eat at the end.  (Local people, if you haven't been to Hershberger's in Charm yet, you must go!  I think it is by far the least expensive animal place, but still lots to see and do- unfortunately the farm part closes up at the end of this month, so go quick!)

We took a buggy to the pumpkin patch driven by a grandfatherly Amish man with a kind voice and sparkly eyes- one of those people with a constant grin right under the surface, you just have to love him instantly.  He was sweet to the kids and taught them how to whistle to make the horse stop or go.  He pointed across the fields to a big white farmhouse and said that is where he was married forty-five years ago.  Sparkly eyes.  Swoon.  

He said that the farm would be closing up soon, so he'll have more time to spend in his woodshop and catch-up on his woodworking. I said that sounds like a nice way to spend the winter, and his eyes sparkled and he said that it is, and when it gets too cold he takes his work in the house to whittle in the kitchen where it is warm near the fire, and where he can watch the birds.

Sigh.  I think that is all I'd like out of life, too.  A warm kitchen, to work with my hands and watch the birds all winter.  It sounds like a good life.

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on Money . . .
I began to realize the stuff I spent money on indicated the stories I was living. By that I mean the stuff I spent money on was, in many ways, the sum of my ambitions. And those ambitions weren’t the stuff of good stories.   -Quote by Donald Miller, at small notebook


Kait Palmer said...

I read that post by Small Notebook yesterday...good stuff.

Last night I was looking over some of the blog posts I've written in the past two years and was happy to think, "If I wasn't myself, I'd still want my life."

Its a great gain, no?

Fijufic said...

I love blogs that speak to me about love of family. You made my day.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.


Elizabeth said...

Oh Jess. I can not believe you have a 5 year old. And in every picture of your girls they just seem a bit more adorable and beautiful. They are precious.

Heather and I connected back in the spring and I've often thought of you when I've read about her Haiti experiences and thought that she might be someone you'd enjoy. So glad to see you found her blog.

ali said...

jess, if you've never read the book "the oxcart man" by donald hall, you should. it's a children's book about a farmer and the man you just described could be the main character.

Jessica said...

thanks Elizabeth!

ali, thanks for the suggestion- I'll have to check that one out!