Monday, November 8, 2010


8:00 a.m. Annie hoping to reach the bubble-gum on top of the refrigerator . . .

Some mornings I wake up feeling this way, 
that I am reaching- reaching . .. 
pulling out the tallest chairs I can find
and stretching
and reaching
for God,
finding that I am not enough
will never be 
so very far from reaching Him.
And it is days 
like these
when I
must tell myself
and again
that God 
That God is the chair.
And the only way to Him
is to stop reaching
and sit
and be
and believe 
that God

"If you are seeking after God, you may be sure of this: God is seeking after you more." 
--John of the Cross


Ruth said...

Have you heard Carolyn Arends' song "Reaching"? You should Google the lyrics. I think you'd like them.

I love it when you post a lot!

at the end of the alphabet said...

Exactly what I needed to hear today. I feel the same way a lot!

MommyJ said...

You blogged into my heart this morning. I was in need of a good dose of perspective. This helped. So much so, that you worked your way into my post this morning. Thank you. :)

Fijufic said...

Nice post. Finding your maker is a life long pursuit.

Kelly Sauer said...

I'm just gonna rest here today, k?

Jessica said...

Ruth- I found the lyrics. LOVE it! thanks!

charrette said...

So lovely --

Yes, we build our own Tower of Babel and he is waiting for us elsewhere, reaching. A Light in the wilderness.

Elizabeth said...

So interesting that the first comment was about the Carolyn Arends song Reaching. That was exactly what I thought of when I read this post. In fact, have been singing it now in my head for a couple of days since.