Saturday, November 13, 2010

why blog?

Do you ever feel like there are just too many words floating around out there?

Like, everybody has something to say,

and I feel somehow obligated to hear them,
to understand
and affirm or
participate with them.

I am enjoying my three hours of solitude this morning.
I start with prayer,
some journaling
and then decided to try to catch-up on my Reader
because it's been a while,
and it's always staring at me.
There are so many good things to read
and learn
and wonderful people to get to know-
I love the internet for this.
But today I am trying to whittle down my subscriptions,
unsubscribe from a few
because I just can't keep up.
But then I feel bad.
I check their stats,
if they don't have many subscribers
I just can't unsubscribe.  It feels mean.
Or, if they have, like, tons of subscribers
I think there may be something I'll miss.
Oh, well.

So I am asking myself why do I blog?
Why throw more words out there
to just add to the chatter
the confusion.
What is one more opinion?
One more story about my kids
my life
my lack of sleep?
A few more links you don't have time to read?
Is it just self-gratifying?
Oh, well.

This is why I blog:
because I need to write.  Like, I really need to.  Sometimes it's the only way I find any clarity about anything.  And, because I cannot speak.

. . . but why write publicly?
I guess because . . .

one, it's fun.

two, it is my way of numbering our days, my personal record of the wild and precious things I do not want to forget.

three, it's connection, and what SAHM couldn't use a little more connection with tall people?

four, it's like my little Annie who enjoys is passionate about food, and every time she takes a bite of something she really loves, she wants everyone around to taste it, too.  It makes her happy to share the things that make her happy.  Me, too.

and five because it is my story, and somehow, someway, maybe it is also my service . . . even if no one reads.  Even if the only one I am searching and struggling and rejoicing- as authentically as possible- before, is Christ.

In every cell of me there is a belief that life is wild and precious, and I cannot help but write about it.  At this time, in this season, this blog is my art- my small voice contributing to the river of words in the world, because "our truest response to the irrationality of the world is to paint or sing or write, for only in such response do we find truth."  (Madeleine L'Engle)
This is why I blog, but I am feeling this morning a need to clarify a few blogging principles that I will commit to:
1.  I will not blog just because I think I "should" blog.  I chucked NaBloPoMo.  It just didn't feel sincere. I will try to be careful that what I publish is at least something worth reading.
2.  I will not be passive-aggressive.  (This applies to any social media).  I will try to not ever publish something that in some backdoor way could make anyone feel bad, or that I would not speak aloud to anyone.
3.  I will write kind words.  I will be honest.   
4.  I will not allow "things which matter most to be at the mercy of things which matter least." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (found from ebook below:) 
For anyone really interested in blogging but finding it hard to balance being a mom with time spent on the computer, I highly recommend Rachel's ebook, Simple Blogging.  (This is not an affiliate link, not getting paid to say this)

I have never bought an e-book before, but after following Rachel's blog for a couple of years now I expected that this one would be really practical and readable, and it definitely is!  It really helped me to clarify why I blog, but it especially has helped me to manage my time online.  I found every word of this ebook useful, and I especially loved her resources page.  This link is where I learned how to design a banner.

Happy Blogging!


charrette said...

Ah, thank you for stating all of this so plainly. I'm sure you've noticed by now that sometimes I'm posting every other day...and sometimes I completely disappear. My blogging philosophy is pretty similar to yours. I write when I need to; when I have something to say; and when something is *given* to me to say.

I find that the most fulfilling entertainment for me is creation -- writing, thinking, painting, teaching. Everything else, including reading, is secondary. But reading so often sparks in me a desire to express...through writing, painting, teaching...that I also read voraciously.

Your little spot here is consistently rewarding. I come. I read. I ponder. I comment. and I am grateful.

Jessica said...

thanks for the comment Charrette! Yes, I forgot to mention the reading- so true- reading and creating go hand in hand!

Misha Leigh. said...

Oh you know I am loving that L'Engle quote. And I am glad you blog. I like your words. : )

Misha Leigh. said...

PS Your post made me think of this quote: "I've written because, at the time, I had to. It was write or develop an ulcer. I chose to write. At times I wrote for the sheer fun." ~ RBG

MommyJ said...

You have such marvelous perspective. I decided long ago that if I ever felt pulled to play the "blogging game" if you will, the focus on numbers, the only commenting to get more comments, the constant networking/following time consuming nonsense that can suck the life right out of you, I would quit all together. I'm glad I've been able to maintain balance because I really like blogging too.

The writing is most important to me. Sometimes it's all I can muster - the simple words on my blog - but as long as those words are flowing, I know I won't dry up. And when the time and season is right, I will write something else extraordinary. Or I will try, at least.

Kelly Sauer said...

And this is why I love your blog. You are one of my favorite finds!

P.S. I cleaned out my Reader too this last week. Reorganized stuff into folders by how much I enjoy reading them so I can keep track of the important ones and skip some of the others if I am too busy.

It is very noisy out there. I think we create our own silence when we write for ourselves.

I loved this post.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm really glad you're here.

Happy Mom said...

Sigh, I too am trying to cut back on the number of blogs I follow, but after clicking over here from Charrette's blog. I can't help but click that little follow button!

deb said...

well said.

I haven't been here in so so long. Back through our connection to Charrette and her book.