Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If You'll Only Go To Sleep

I've had a blog post all written in my mind lately, but tonight this is all that I can think:


The crimson rose
plucked yesterday,
the fire and cinnamon
of the carnation,

the bread I baked
with anise seed and honey,
and the goldfish
flaming in its bowl.

All these are yours,
baby born of woman,
if you'll only
go to sleep.

A rose!  I say!
And a carnation!
Fruit!  I say!
And honey!

And a sequined goldfish,
and still more I'll give you
if you'll only sleep
till morning.

-Gabriela Mistral

I guess we are all having a difficult time transitioning after such a nice Christmas.  Hopefully I'll have time to write about it before, say, next Christmas . . . sweet dreams to you and a hopeful goodnight!


Ruth said...

What a perfect poem. Been there!

Shannon said...

love it! We are having a tough time transitioning too.. Someone keeps asking for "choklit" at say 6 am. Not sure but maybe we gave her a bit too much??! Left G. with a sitter for the first time tonight--- he cried all night, I am blaming that on the holidays too. :)