Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent.

It is not in the tradition I was raised to observe the Liturgical Year, but I have for years found myself drawn to the rhythm, symbolism, and historical roots of the Church seasons, as many in my generation are.

This year I sense a particular readiness to enter into a season of prayer and repentance.  I feel spiritually drained . . . flabby . . . dull.  Although we are called to die daily, a specific season focused on self-denial and confession feels necessary, welcome, even.

I do not have any heroic plans, just to try to live soberly and simply, to give up things like coffee and chocolate and extra sweets, to be especially focused on holiness, prayer and Bible reading.   In addition to the things I am denying there are things I would like to focus on taking up, like generosity and mercy and to be quiet and open to the Spirit.

My plans for our Fat Tuesday dinner were for Jim to pick up Paczki on his way home for work, but he ended up leaving work to join us in the Emergency Room instead.  Josie had a slight fever, which I wasn't really too concerned about, and as I was rocking her to sleep in the afternoon she suddenly stiffened and went into a seizure.  I have never been so frightened.  I called 911, the ambulance arrived and took all four of us to the hospital.  Josie is fine, they think the seizure is related to her fever spiking and probably viral.

Anytime something like this happens I think how thankful I am to live in a country with quality, accessible medical care and what a gift doctors and nurses are.

The girls enjoyed the ride in the ambulance, and I was so proud of them- Sami quickly put shoes and coats on herself and Annie, they both were calm and so reliable all afternoon.

We didn't get Paczki but we indulged on pancakes at IHOP after.


Misha Leigh. said...

Oh my word. This made me cry. We have had to do the same thing. I hope you feel so embraced in this next forty days. That meaningful sweetness will meet you in every day!

Elizabeth said...

Definitely an unforgettable Shrove Tuesday for your family. Wow. What a scary experience. I hope that Josie and the rest of you are now doing well. What a blessing that Sami and Annie were so helpful and easy that afternoon!

Fijufic said...

Hope you had a wonderful week. miss your posts!!!