Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jayber Crow

I finished Jayber Crow last night.  I hardly want to attempt to review this book, as it is so lovely and moving that I am unable to do it justice.  Jayber Crow is the barber in the town of Port William, and maybe the most memorable and comforting fictional character I have ever read.  It is also one of the most tender love stories I have ever read.

Barry writes slowly and quietly, with gentle reverence so that the reader breathes the town, the characters, the river and fields.  Along the way are these luminous passages of philosophic thought and theological wrestling that are deeply resonating.  I cannot believe that Barry has written more than fifty books (eight novels), as this one alone felt to me like a life work.

 I am glad that the library was so slow so that I purchased by own copy, it is already dog eared and calling to be passed around and read again and again.


Walking to China said...

Jayber Crow is our last book club selection of the year and I can't wait to read it. Have you read Hannah Coulter? Equally lovely.

Janet said...

I appreciate your reviews... You manage to capture what really moves you about a book. Sometimes in my own reviews I feel like I write a lot without ever getting to the heart of the matter.

There's a passage in my book of Lenten readings from this book. It's where Jayber is thinking about why Christ didn't come down from the cross.