To the President of Fashion, an apology

To the President of Fashion,

i feel i should apologize
at least confess:

we visited your mall
with our children yesterday
it is not something we often do
a rainy saturday
we wanted to get out
take a walk
and so we went
we didn't mean to insult you
walking through your sparkling stores
which you work so hard to keep shiny

the spring displays are very beautiful
new styles are lovely;
spring colors (citrus)
(which makes updating last year's colors a cinch, they say)
(what a relief).
statement shoes
military jackets
high-waisted jeans are back
happy prints
something rust-colored
or Japanese inspired
70's glamour
ladylike 60's
belt purses

i can see that you have worked very hard
again this year

which is why it must be quite a shock
devastating, really
to finally see the perfection of fashion
that you have aspired to all these years
with visions
and revisions
in style
  out of style
starting over every six months or so-

accomplished so easily
so unassumingly
by my three year old.

her favorite dress
she wears with ease
at least three times a week
that unassuming charm
classic confidence
you were going for.

(i am sure you could see her colors did not make your line
the drop waist and attached skirt-
purchased, if you must know, at a yard sale-
sending your designers scrambling)

who, as she ambled past
your envious mannequines
and drooping spring fashions
did not even notice,
so intent was she
on learning
how to whistle.


camilla said…
love. love. love.
my heart was smiling all the way through.
Jo@Mylestones said…
I can just picture your darling girl ambling past, lips puckered.
This is absolutely delightful. And a hearty amen. I saw down with the current President of Fashion! We want Sami for President!
Fijufic said…
Ha, mine is all grown up...Wonderful post.
Janet said…
:-) Love this.
tisa rink said…
love this!
mattmarie said…
Eloquent and loving...!!
Erika Morrison said…
THAT was brilliant. Just brilliant.
Ruth said…
This is SO great. You are right, your daughter has what all those fashion designers aspire to: she's comfortable in her own skin. What a gift! May she always have it!

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