Monday, July 4, 2011

gratitude in the process

I am searching you, and knowing your heart.
I am testing you and knowing your anxious thoughts.
I am looking to see if there is any offensive way in you,
and leading you in the way everlasting.
Psalm 139:23-24

This passage was read this way, in the present tense, at church a few weeks ago and it has stuck with me.  I had not thought to read scripture this way, that God is now doing what we have prayed he will do.

. . . counting His gifts,

71.  I really, really love living in the city

72.  mudpies and ice cream with the girls at the Botanical Garden.  They love that place!

73.  our neighborhood pool

74.  diversity

75.  our CSA

78.  taking walks in our neighborhood

79.  Jo and Larry and their precious kiddos

80.   Antolia cafe

81.  Half Price Books

82.  the Lake

83.  a day for being quiet

84.  the things God teaches me through my kids, every day

85.  He is testing . .. knowing . . . leading

86.  Dressing Josie is always a challenge because you must first pry away whatever is in her hands.  She yells and begs . . . it made me think about the things my Father takes out of my hands, so that He can clothe me in His righteousness.

87.  thankful for the unknowns

88.  Great is Thy faithfulness!  Great is Thy faithfulness!

89. the sound of popcorn popping

90.  iced tea

91.  two sweet days to lavish all our attention on Josie (her loving every minute!)

92.  Sami saying on the phone that she was sad last night because she missed her Mommy.  (But happy again at her Grandma's house this morning).

93.  Driving with the windows down

94.  creating peace in the playroom

95.  less= better

96.  sitting down with a book after a crazy-busy week

97.  the girls' buddy Izaak visiting, his mom Anna

98.  Jim and Josie at the art museum & a few hours of quiet for writing/dreaming

99.  a good excuse to avoid laundry for a few days (MICE!!!!!)

100.  Summer afternoon- Summer afternoon . .. the two most beautiful words in the English language! 
(Henry James)

101.  All of the kind words and advice sent to me regarding my post on our decision about schooling . .. Thank-you!!


Jo@Mylestones said...

Oh ditto on the summer afternoon!
And I'm doing a one-comment-for-two-posts here, but I absolutely loved what you shared from Berry & Bell's books. And how you summed up, "Reading the book will not make you a heretic, and neither will asking questions. God is big enough."
Yes, He is big enough! I love that.

charrette said...

I love all the things you're grateful for, the beautiful way that psalm was read in present-tense and how it has lived with you since, your thoughts on Christianity and care of the earth and Creation, the heart-felt and thoughtful consideration you're giving to your children's education, and the way you look at, digest, and share your thoughts on books. I wish I could come here more often, I really do!