Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Mother and the Engineer Consider the Geology of the Great Lakes Region

We kiss three heads all in a line and then
drive along the curve of the Lake
to the tip of the thumb
in the glory of Autumn
to see her dressed in white
to see them before these amber fields
beneath these applauding trees-
to touch these friends again and see for myself
the smile of light in their eyes.

As we drive and return he wonders at the layers-
sand trapped here
what caused this rock formation
this valley this marsh
this layer of clay
what force
what age
why here but not there?

I am thinking that I know why
(saying nothing)-
it is of course
just the way that the sippy cup was found beneath the pile of laundry
and for the same reason that every time
every single time
I sweep beneath the table
she will walk into the pile-
for the same reason that she is standing here in my pile of dirt
and making fish lips
and kissing me on the head
as I sweep between her ankles.


Ruth said...

I love this.

camilla said...

Lovely. Especially lovely because I'm married to an engineer.

mrstibbs said...

this is beautiful. really.